Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Books on Tape??

I am not one to listen to books on tape. I can claim fame to reading several textbooks on tape during college~what can I say, it paid the bills! I am not one to read books unless they are very intriguing, but when my 6 yr. old 1st grader comes home and wants to read to me, that's another story. Last week, my 6 yr. old had the bright idea to bring a book along with her while I took her for a walk. Elizabeth has the assignment of reading 10 minutes daily. Over the course of this school year she has already racked up of 45 hours of reading. Every time she reads 3 hours, the teacher lets her pick out a new book to keep. This last week, I have listened to the adventures of "Cam Jansen." Not sure if anyone has ever heard of these books, but they really are good especially when your 6 yr. old is reading them to you while you exercise.

I'm still in the process of making my grocery list. I really have A LOT to buy especially since my wife stayed home from work today and added to the list and somehow "garluck bread", "poudured doonits" and "popsukles" made it on the list too. I may just keep the list and stock up a little at a time.

No baby yet...wife went to see her doc today and decided the baby was still too high and they decided that if she didn't have it this week, the doctor would induce her on Monday. Alright by me, I have too much to do this week. My boss is away so I'm left to handle most everything. Tomorrow, WW meeting and I would hate to have to find a sub. Thursday, taking a group of 25 residents, family members, volunteers and staff to the Brewer Game. Don't know what I was thinking to schedule that so close to "Due Date."


Anonymous said...

I think that list should go in the memory box. I have a few packing lists the girls made when we've traveled home. Definitely fun things to keep!

Give TW an extra hug from me and let her know we're praying for her, too!

:) Peachy

Kathy said...

Loved the grocery list!
And I'm not familiar with the books you referred to, but I have been listening to Audrey read a lot over the past few months. It's amazing how quickly they pick it up once they get started. I buy children's books anytime I see classics at yard sales and then the kids are free to take them home with them as they leave Mimi's. I just sent "Where the Sidewalk Ends" home with the triplets a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sure your wife is sympathetic to the fact that you are too busy for the baby to arrive this week and is holding off for a more convenient time...what a woman!!! lol

Anonymous said...
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