Thursday, May 29, 2008

Family Shopping

I finally got around to shopping and filling our empty kitchen cabinets. Even after going shopping, our cabinets still look pretty bare. It's amazing how much room a new kitchen with actual cabinets has versus our old kitchen with a pantry that held all our food, pots, kettles, appliances such as the blender, toaster, bread maker, griddle, etc.

I took my two daughters grocery shopping and we actual stuck to the list and my 6 yr. old really did add some good things to our list. Before we checked out, we all guessed how much the groceries would cost. Elizabeth, my 6 yr. old, guessed $100. Caryn, my 3 yr. old (soon-to-be 4), guessed $16. And TB guessed $222. As we were guessing, I said that I hoped Caryn was the closest and it got a good laugh from the shoppers around us.

So here's what $175 bought tonight:
Elizabeth's list:
Garluck bread: We bought Texas Toast
Poudured doonits: This actually was a Mommy addition and since she's preggo, who could argue
Popsukles: A simple dessert since we love having something for dessert every night
Drumsticks: We bought "Skinny Cows" cones
Cookies: Animal Crackers were a good compromise
Lettus: (didn't need this one, but I'm glad she was thinking of me)
Nutty Bars: (Daddy crossed this one off when no one was looking, so we didn't get them)
Pink Lemonade
Pizza: Bought 4 frozen pizzas, but also Flat-out Wraps that can be easily made into pizza

TB's list:
1% Milk
Soy Chocolate Milk
Country Crock
Sour Cream
Coffee Creamer
Rice: brown rice
Pasta: whole wheat 5 boxes!
Spaghetti Sauce
Taco seasoning: 6 packets
Tortilla Chips
Rice Krispies
Pancake Mix
Sugar Free Syrup
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Parmesan
Canned Peas
Canned Beans
Frozen Veggie Mix

I will admit to treating them to a bag of "Air Heads" at the end of our trip. It's tough to go shopping for an hour and a half without some sort of reward. They did a great job and didn't have any meltdowns.

I love going shopping with the family and I look forward to the next trip when I hope Caryn's guess is the closest, however Elizabeth did get her to change her guess to $1600 before the trip was complete.

Our grocery store is doing a great promotion once again. Now until the middle of July, every $50 purchase earns a point towards a gas card. 6 points equals a $10 gas card. 10 points equals a $20 gas card. 15 points equals a $30 gas card. 20 points equals a $40 gas card. Last time they offered this promotion, we easily hit the 20 point make. After tonight's trip, we have 3 points already, so we are well on our way.


kborn said...

What can $16 even get at the store? didn't do bad for $175 though!!! I need to go to the store tomorrow...we're actually in town for a few weeks with no trips so i'll be able to "stock up".
you know chicken nuggets are easy to make, right? i'm assuming they're for the kiddies, but there are quick healthy ways to make those enjoyable for all!
i'm eager to try the butternut squash mac, i'll have to get the supplies tomorrow.
can't wait til the baby comes!!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I love the photo in your header. You have a great family.

Nutty bars sound nice. ;)

noelle said...

Love the pic in your header!!! Tell mama to hang in for a few more days. The end of a pregnancy can be so hard.

Sounds like you did great at the store. I can have a really hard sticking to the list with my 2 littles in tow. and popsicles are an AWESOME summer dessert. and hold little temptation for me to overdo it! LOL

Kate said...

Finally got to the store, I bet your relieved its done! Looks like you did great!