Friday, June 6, 2008

Just Hanging Out

I'm doing fine on the WW front. Probably won't be too inspired for a while on this blog as I am a bit too excited about #4. I have been checking out everyone's blogs as I have time.

Last night, I worked two WW meetings back-to-back. As the lead receptionist, it is difficult to weigh people in discretely. I hate telling them whether they gained or lost especially if other members are still in line. I did make a point of complimenting them if they had a loss of over a pound. Not sure what the right thing to do yet is, but I know I would not like hearing about a gain in front of people. Any thoughts?


Kathy said...

I always thought the stony silence and sudden "busy-ness" that I faced if I'd had a gain was just as painful as anything they could have said! I don't know the answer because I think it hurts no matter what the receptionist does.

Dee said...

One thing that I always noticed was how some receptionists made a big deal over certain people, while others faced relative silence. I always appreciated when the receptionist put my gain in perspective like "that's only a half can remedy that by next week for sure!" Something that was encouraging. Or even like "well, you lost 3 lbs. two weeks ago - so you gained a pound this week, but keep at it -- I'm sure you've got another big loss coming up again (especially if you see such a pattern). But the biggest disappointment, like I said earlier, was feeling that I wasn't worthy of some encouragement -- that was only for the well-known WW's customers. That really hit me, besides the gain. Make sense? D

noelle said...

My leader always asks how the week was and how I thought I had done while she is weighing me in. Any gain of under a pound is given a comment like Dee mentioned.

And I think it is important to keep the big picture in perspective. When I was just barely moving down the scale as I approached my goal weight and would have that occasional gain, the receptionist was always really complimentary as to my OVERALL progress. That was a good reminder to keep my perspective.

And if the leader offers up something to work on for the next week (moving more, 8 GHG's, water intake), you could always ask how they did with that. It's not just the number on the scale, but the whole lifestyle change.

Melissa said...

I'm a few days late, but CONGRATULATIONS on Ben's arrival. :)

MileHighDad said...

Congrats on your new life building project, building a person from the get go is an awesome and rewarding task! And you have resources to fall back on as for what worked and what didn't.

As far a public acknowledgment on a loss or gain, as long as everybody gets an equal share of yea or nea, then go for it. It may be just enough to push a person to work a little harder!

Thanks for looking at my Blog.