Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm not one to add artificial sweeteners to my foods. I am guilty of doing it with grapefruit as I need it sweetened, but even with grapefruit I've been adding sugar~the real thing. Substitutes are just not like the real thing. With Splenda, it seems I need twice as much to make my grapefruit just right.

Substitute WW leaders are nice to have on occasion, but I usually go to my WW meetings to see my regular leader. Actually, if I notice a substitute leader as I weigh-in, I have been guilty of leaving. Again, substitutes just are not as good as the real thing.

Brings us to baby! My wife went to the doctor on Monday and was ready to head for the hospital until her doctor said he was no longer "on call." I definitely understand the "no substitute" rule in this case as I would not feel comfortable with a different doctor either. The "real thing" will happen Tuesday morning. Going to the hospital for an early 6:30am wake-up call.


Kathy said...

Best wishes to your family today, Tom!

kborn said...

let's hope you won't be walking 20K+ steps hourly with a baby that needs to be walking to sleep! :-) Good luck! Can't wait for photos! your sil eager in NYC

Dee said...

Thinking about you guys today - can't wait to hear the news!!! D

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good luck!