Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is Weightloss Selfish?

I'm a winner!

Someone mentioned to me this week that he does not exercise regularly because it takes away from family time. He is also a doctor and knows the good things that exercise does, but still has not gotten into a healthy exercise routine. Exercise does not have to be done all at once and it does not have to entail countless hours at the gym. Walking is a great form of exercise and has suited me well for over a year now.

Is weightloss selfish? If you're exercising in the evening and taking away from "family time" it may be, but my wife would agree that I can be quite the "Couch Grouch" at times and a good half-hour of exercise is sometimes exactly what I need to get me in a better mood.

Eating healthier does not need to be a "loner" activity either. I do tend to eat a little different than the family usually eating more veggies and substituting lowfat cheeses and skipping the sour cream and mayo reaching instead for the mustard. Does this make it selfish? My wife and my kids know how I eat by now and have come to expect it.

Going to WW meetings does take some time and working at them could really suck up some family time. I don't think attending a weekly meeting for half-hour is going to wreck havoc on the family. Again, it's a great way to get out of the house for a few minutes. Honestly, I wish my wife had the same opportunity to get away for awhile each week. Any ideas as to get Mommy a night out weekly?

Weightloss could be categorized as selfish when exercise is done excessively and meals are prepared only for oneself, and meetings and other resources are overly used (ie. blog ;).

My doctor friend also stated that the half-hour to hour a day spent on exercise will not make a big difference in regards to life expectancy. He's probably right, but I would like to think the quality of my life will be greater with the better choices I am making.

Side Note: I got my ring back from the jeweler tonight. I went from a size 13 1/2 down to a size 9 and it fits perfectly. I came home and told my wife that I have my ring. Elizabeth had the quick wits to say, "Daddy, you mean you found your ring on your finger?"


Kathy said...

I'm so glad you're a part of my blogging family and that the snow melted just in time for mowing grass and mosquitoes!
I think it is important to take the time to do what is right for you. Taking care of ourselves is time well spent...everyone needs "me" time...and by all means, get Mama a little alone time, even if it is just a nice soak in some bubble bath!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Elizabeth!! When I need "alone time", I find that a lunch out with a friend or just shopping by myself is a real treat!


Johnny said...

I think overall that this is a good (and valid) question. I think people will generally do all they can to get good quality time in with their family, but I know in my case, I need to "be selfish" with weight loss in order to have more time to spend with them in the future. It's the never ending search for balance, I guess!

spunkysuzi said...

I definitely make time for me! My husband encourages it as it's made a world of difference in my attitude and health. If momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy ;)

paul said...

There's no rule that says you have to exercise by yourself.

Even so, failing to take care of yourself could result in chronic health problems, which could very well be far more disruptive to quality "family time." How much time would be lost dealing with health issues, not to mention expenses?

In fact, one could argue that not taking care of yourself when you're able to would be more selfish than finding the half an hour or an hour a few times a week to exercise, and living a healthier life.

Like all things in life, it is important to find a reasonable balance.

workout mommy said...

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Thinking Thin said...

I think in some respects we have to be selfish and maybe not being selfish enough is what got many of us into this "predicament". There is nothing wrong with taking "me" time as we all need it. Does your wife have any interests/hobbies?

So your doctor friend said that 30 min to an hour a day will not make a big deal in regards to life expectancy. That's surprising actually considering all other reports say that with increased exercise reduce the risk of so many illnesses, etc. If you avoid these illnesses because you are healthier, wouldn't longer life be one of the side effects?

kborn said...

Everyone needs 30 minutes a day to decompress. If 30 minutes a day means you're less stressed, not as grumpy, and healthier, you can tend to your family more lovingly and with better attention.

Claire needs the same thing (as do I!). I tend to take 30 minutes away once a week and it does me wonders! Everywhere I go during the week, Q comes with and it's nice to be away even for a little while without having to worry about diapers, dropped toys, and getting in, out, and around stores with a stroller.

Liz...found the ring on your finger. What a little ball of wit...who does she get that from? :-)

kborn said...

And congrats on winning (even if it is random).

Kate said...

Exercise totally makes me feel better. I know that it might be "selfish", but I wouldn't really want to be around me if i'm grouchy from being lazy

Andrew is getting fit said...

This is an interesting one as my wife was rather peeved at me when I first started spending a lot of time exercising and blogging. However as I've started to show some significant results and am much healthier, happier etc. she's come around and now fully supports me. She's even started doing C25K herself which is great.