Monday, July 14, 2008

What to Write Down

There are so many things that seem so important. I try to write as little down as possible, since I know I seem to never look at what I write down once I write it down. Food journals, and diaries are a great tool when used properly.

Do you look back in your journal if you've had a gain for the week? I certainly never did.

Do you write a grocery list out every time you go to the grocery store? I try to, but I always seem to pick up so much more than the milk and bread that usually is the only thing on the list.

What are important things to write down. I'll tell you one very important thing to write down. When you are scheduled to work! I have work a salaried job for so long now that I never "punch" in the morning and never worry about my hours, since I know I always work over 40 hours. So, when I started working for WW and have been begged to sub meetings more than I care to, I thought I could remember it all.

Well, it happened. I forgot! This morning, I woke up franticly hoping that I was subbing the Thursday meetings this such luck. I checked the one place I knew it was written down (in the email that I got sent asking to sub) and unfortunatlely it was last week, July 10! OMG!!!

I was more upset at myself than anything else and the leader/receptionist who happens to be the location coordinator took care of the meeting and actually asked me to sub again instead of getting mad at me.

I have been completely sick to my stomach all day knowing that I totally messed up. Writing things down is definitely a good thing, and believe me, I have written down EVERYTHING today. Some things need to be written down and some things are just not so important. Writing down appointments will be on the top of my list of things to write down from now on.

Lesson learned.


ArleneWKW said...

I go in phases re. writing stuff down. Lately. I write a lot of "to dos" in my calendar and then have to move stuff around that I didn't get around to doing. I can see how missing a WW sub job could be upsetting.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Ooh! That's gotta suck!

I've found my memory is not what it used to be. I blame lack of sleep due to baby issues. So my rule is I have to write it down.

MizFit said...

I swear Id not be anywhere when I am supposed to be with out 18 reminder BEEPS set on my handheld device :)

new*me said...

so true! I must write it down immediately or it's out of my mind. I blame my forgetfulness on not just getting older but also trying to multi-task like a maniac most days...I think the brain can only process so much at a time :)

spunkysuzi said...

I write everything down!! After one year i was on a committee to plan a christmas party for 350 people with mental health issues and i missed 2 meetings! I wanted to go and like you a week later i'm having a coffee with someone and suddenly remembered it ;(

Kathy said...

At my age, I write it down! I have lists for groceries and household products that need to be replaced and grab them up as I head out the door for shopping. And the Hub and I keep a running list of things we want to pick up at the hardware, pharmacy, and at stores we shop at infrequently but carry items we can't find somewhere else.

And those lists of two items for a store always grow into $50 by the time I hit the cash register...even if I think I'm being smart and don't get a grocery cart!

I'm sure you're so loved at those meetings that they would pretty much forgive you of anything!!!

Kate said...

I'm a total list making freak. It's seriously the only way I accomplish anything....But it's almost an OCD like habit, lol.

kborn said...

That's the worst feeling in the whole world!

I work ... 24/7. And, well, rarely know what day of the week it is. Now that I have some scheduled appointments, I keep a calendar and mark off what day it is so I know the day of the week! The littlest things get put to the wayside when not in ink...

Good luck remembering next time!