Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Food Find

Found these at Sam's Club recently. They are very good. 120 calories per serving, 4g fat, and 3g of fiber. They have a great taste, but are different than a chip. They'll called crisps and that's probably a good name. When I first tried them, I was expecting the crunch of a chip, but was surprised by the crisp much like a Funnion or Cheeto type snack. Looking online, they do sell their products from their site, but only in bulk quantities.

Here's to a great weekend. Think I'll try to leave the computer off this weekend as I have spent too much time on it this week voting for the All-Star Game. Glad my efforts paid off.


Kathy said...

Those look good...always looking for something savory and crispy but with out a lot of fat!
And you hit the nail on the head when you said I don't remind you of a Harley riding Granny...that was the false statement on my list for your contest! Rode one once and wound up in a ditch! That was the last time I tried life on the wild side! Have a great weekend.

Kate said...

These look good, and maybe I'll get lucky and my Sam's will have them being we are in the same "region"! Thanks!

new*me said...

those look really yummy! The fat is low but yet they still have fiber..always looking for fiber sources :) Have a great weekend.