Friday, August 22, 2008

I Don't Want to Go

"Daddy, I don't want to go..." "You said, I never had to go again!" "NO!"

Those were the mantras I heard yesterday as I dragged my 4 children to daycare. Yes, I said FOUR children to daycare. I am paying to work for the next 5 days ;) My wife thought it would be a good idea to have everyone go to daycare a few days before school to get back into an early morning, school-like routine. Yesterday, was the first attempt and it was not easy. My 7 yr. old was the ring leader. She decided that she was not wanting to go and it got contagious. My 4 yr. old hadn't been at daycare all summer and she also decided she didn't want to go either. And my 2 yr. old, who normally runs from the car to the playground never looking back to say goodbye, also boycotted daycare. Well, I managed to convince all of them to go without having to making too many outrageous deals.

After the day was over, my 7 yr. old was in such a great mood. She had the best time. Also, lost another tooth too!

Sometimes, we hate doing things that could be for our own benefit, like eating veggies, getting our exercise, making the better food choices, etc., but at the end of the day, when we have made the best choices we could, we are much like my 7 yr. old celebrating a great day.

Today, I'm looking forward to the morning routine that will start in a few minutes as I know, it will be much smoother. Make the better choices today and know that you are doing something to make yourself healthier and happier in the long run.


Kate said...

I find this usually applies most to my runs...There are days where I dread going, and simply put just have to put one foot in front of the other to get out the door. But quite honestly, I feel so great when I get back! I'm always celebrating such a great run!

Anonymous said...

Tom, dear, Tom. I just love your wisdom.
Nancy and Miloudi

kborn said...

Nicely put.

Dear ol' Liz. :-)

Kathy said...

I feel their pain! There's still a lot of rebellious child left deep inside me too!

Great post! I know you're uber busy, but I do miss your daily posts!

workout mommy said...

well said! there are many times that I don't want to get up and exercise, or eat the healthier choices, but I definitely feel much better when I do! thanks for the reminder!

(and I can't even imagine the energy it takes to get four kids out the door!)

new*me said...

this applies to a lot of stuff in my life ;) Take cooking! Sometimes I just don't want to cook dinner. But later, when the family is sitting around having quality time over a healthy meal, I am so glad I didn't take the old route and order pizza ;) Hope the kiddos enjoy getting back to school! It is nice to have a routine again.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great thoughts!

Anonymous said...

It's true. It's hard for us to comprehend sometimes that no one else is going to do the exercise for us. I think in some cases you couldn't pay someone enough to do it for you either. :)