Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Minute Motivation

Today, I attended an "Art of Customer Care" training for WW. The biggest part of the training dealt with how to react to customers at the scale. Weight Watchers has an awesome booklet entitled One Minute Motivation that really hits on some difficult situations. There are four questions that are highlighted in the training and the biggest one being "Will you?" That's a challenging question. I know what I would like to happen and what needs to happen to get me to the point. I can do it, but WILL I? During the acting scenarios, that question was most difficult for me to answer. I do not like confrontation and to be challenged with the question in a meeting room would definitely be a thought provoking moment.

My biggest problem continues to be tracking my evening meal and evening snacks. I would like to be able to get down to 180, so I am comfortably below my goal weight. I know that I need to track honestly during these tired, mindless times of the day. I also know that I'm not exercising as much as I did when I was actively losing. I have pledged to exercise at least 4 times a week on top of my 10,000 step average. It's not nearly as much as I once did, but I know it is important to at least keep up to the status quo. Can I make it? I know I can. Will I? It depends on how important it is to me and lately, I've just been happy hanging around the 190 mark.

So what would you like to happen and will you make it happen?


new*me said...

I eat too much at dinner and nibble as I cook. As I have mentioned before, this doesn't make sense because I don't really feel hungry in the evening and if I wasn't preparing and serving a meal for the family, I probably wouldn't eat. I need to stop! I think the overeating at night may have something to do with being tired and thinking my body needs fuel, which face it, unless I'm going to do an evening work out, it really doesn't.
So, that's what I'd like to happen. I will not eat at night if I'm not hungry. If that means just sitting down with the family and drinking tea, so be it. I think it will help my loss in the long run.

I bet the training was very insightful!

Anonymous said...

Okay celebration time is over. It's time to get back at it. You're obviously at your WW goal but not at your personal goal so up now. Off the couch and hit that treadmill. STAT!!!!

Kathy said...

Will I? Tough question! That takes "Will"-power!

spunkysuzi said...

My day eating has been great lately but in the evening after i get home from work?? Not so good! A nibble here a nibble there!!
I know i need to not eat after dinner, this is what works best for me and i've done it before.
Will i??
Today for sure ;)

Lanceman said...

I would like to lose about 5 pounds of fat, and gain about that back in muscle. Will I? I need better commitment on the weekends to watch what I eat. Staying on track has been difficult for these two days out of the week. But I do commit to try harder.