Saturday, October 11, 2008

Darkness and More

I've definitely taken notice of the shorter days. My kids are noticing too and actually seem more tired just because of the early darkness. I have started exercising more in the evening as I hate getting up early and since the kids go to bed so early there really isn't anything else to do. I suppose I could talk to my wife ;)

First two days at home went well. The kids and I stayed busy both days, going to the park and running other errands. I really didn't have time to think about eating.

One great thing that happened during my last week at work was that the daycare teachers gifted me with a membership to the Betty Brinn Museum. It is an awesome children's museum and I will definitely be taking the boys there to get a few steps in. I'll park far away and walk to save a few bucks on parking and get extra walking.

Have a great weekend. The colors here in Wisconsin are breathtaking!


Kathy said...

We have a great Children's Museums here in Indy too...a favorite for family days.
The darkness is really noticeable on the weekends when we get out for early morning yard sales. It's just getting light when the sales begin. Clocks should be "falling back" soon, shouldn't they? said...

LOVE getting the kids asleep by 8pm because they are tired due to early dark. Do we have to adjust the clocks? Sigh. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I remember the trees in Wisconsin. We used to live there. I'm curious, how is Delores? You wrote about her with her track record of 22 years being broken. Did she continue on? I hope so. What did she say if you don't mind me asking? I was going to mention her at our meeting but I didn't have enough details and was hoping there was a happy ending? to that chapter in her life.

Anonymous said...

Oh and there was lot of Green and Gold too! (Packer fans galore!)

Anonymous said...

RYC to my RYC:)
Thank you!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Days are getting longer and hotter here in NZ. ;)

D said...

We've been noticing the darkness here too. In fact, it's just become bright now and it's after 7:30...have to wake the family soon. And in the evening -- it's dark so fast. Had to put lights on the chicken hutches because they need a minimum of 12 hrs. of light in order to lay eggs...interesting, eh? Enjoy your new pass and your time w/ the kiddos -- I don't have any regrets about the sacrifices that I made in order to stay home with our kids. I really treasure that time. D

carla said...

2 things which surprised me when I was uprooted from the east coast to TX are that I so miss the fall colors and the shorter days are, to me, less 'depressing' when its not coldcold outside.

As I stay here longer though I'm starting to think I'd take the cold fer the color.

Have a great week!


kborn said...

What a great idea your coworkers had. At least they were/are supportive of your decision and are trying to help you with ideas on how to keep the boys entertained! Don't forget about the zoo, too!!

Glad your days are going for your first full week with the boys! Lots of luck!