Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Dolores Part II

Well, it was the last Saturday of the month, which usually means a lot of lifetime members that come in for their once a month weigh-in. I had been looking forward to seeing "Dolores" all month since I felt so horrible about her weigh-in last month. I am starting to find that I root for many members and really feel geniunely bad when they have a gain and worry about them when they don't come at all. I was not worried about "Dolores" at all, just anticipating her monthly weigh-in. I was busy at the reception desk and apparently, she was feeling very confident because she weighed in with the leader. I am proud to tell you that Dolores not only lost the required pound to get her within two pounds of her goal, but she got below her goal once again. Over a 3 pound loss! The Dolores plan works ;)

The kids went trick-or-treating in our downtown today. They got enough candy to last them till tomorrow. Tomorrow, is our community trick-or-treat, we always do it the Sunday before Halloween. It's looking to be a frigid day; highs in the 30's with winds up to 40mph. Our kids will go around the block and hopefully that will be enough for them, don't think many people will be sitting outside passing out candy as in recent years.


Kathy said...

That's a great community idea! It has been cold and wet here...definitely the end of summer weather!

Anonymous said...

If the weather doesn't cooperate, you could go to Village at Manor Park, where my Mom lived. They have inside T or T.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have been waiting for that news about Dolores. I'd like to take your first blog entry and this one to encourage folks at my meeting with (if that's alright with with you). Also, I went home with an application form yesterday. I'm going to apply to become a WWs leader. I've wanted to for years but never felt qualified. Now I do!

new*me said...

good for Dolores! I wish our town would do trick or treating on the weekend too. I am just not "feeling" the holiday this year! I don't know why. I need to snap out of it now.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good on her!

MizFit said...


(and sadly yay halloween. I love halloween :))