Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Musings

After one full week home, I have discovered a good routine. I have made sure to wake up at the same time I was waking up while "working." This means that most days it's by 5:20 to exercise. I'm finding that I'm waking up without an alarm clock by that time and contemplating exercise anyway, so I'm getting myself out of bed to do it. Morning routine is the same, wake the kids up, breakfast, off to school and then it changes. I come back home with A and B and we eat breakfast. Then it's play time and by 10:00 we're all ready for another snack. After snack, we've been running errands (grocery store, Sam's Club, Target, Wal-mart, getting pictures taken ;), etc.) One stop a day has been a good rule of thumb so far. Today, we're off to a Holiday Bazaar at a facility that I worked at for 5 years. After our errands, it's lunch time followed by story time. Alex has been laying down great for me as long as he has his "naptime" blanket, which is much different than his bedtime blanket. He had a blanket at daycare for naps and has continued to use the same one and knows what time it is then. Nap for an hour, tidy up the house and relax for a bit then it's off to get the girls.

There really is little down time throughout the day and now I realize why our house never seemed to get straightened out during the summer when my wife was off school. I have a greater appreciate for those that can stay home and I am proud to be one of them.

Eating has been fine as I am treating my day like a job and only eating at specific times. It's still the evening that seems to kill me. Have a great Friday. Off to buy a new battery for the pedometer...have two pedometers and they're both dead. I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of steps I've been getting at home too.


Anonymous said...

I am crying!! I wonder why the house never really got cleaned this summer.. :) Glad you finally understand..

and my routine has changed too, now not having to come home and make supper.. we are eating at 4:45, done by 5:15.. thus leaving time for that after dinner walk, (as mentioned in the previous blog) giving me the exercise i need to lose these last 15 pounds..hope it stays pleasant outside for a bit longer. TW:)

new*me said...

I think it's awesome you can see it from the other side and really appreciate those little things now. I agree......there really is no down time for a stay at home parent :) Sounds like you are settling right into your new job in style!

Kathy said...

Has it just been a week? It seems longer than that! Those hours just seem to slip by, don't they? Learn to use the crockpot and supper will be taken care of too. I'll bet the kids are loving having you home with them.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, you're just getting started. I don't mean to put a "damper" on things but you have it easy right now. Wait until you find out 10 minutes before walking out the door that you were supposed to do such and such or bring this and that. Just wait! If you are just now beginning to appreciate all that your wife has done, you'll appreciate her all the more. :) Sorry, I seriously don't mean to burst your bubble here just giving you something to keep in mind so it won't come as such a shock to you when it does happen. :)

Andrew is getting fit said...

You are a lucky guy to get to spend so much time with your kids. :)