Monday, October 20, 2008

Leftover Madness

All of a sudden, we have a refrigerator full of leftovers. Leftover chop suey, leftover lasagna, leftover pizza, leftover mac & cheese, leftover ravioli, leftover chicken breast, leftover chicken parmesan, and a whole apple pie just staring me in the face. My days have been great so far at home, but how do I get these leftovers out of the house? My two year old has not been helping me with lunch. He has pretty much been living on apples and clementines with a few bites of hot dog blended in. In these days of conserving, I hate to throw them out, but I am tempted. I know the chop suey is past it's prime and the girls will be taking the mac&cheese and ravioli for lunch eventually. The pie is probably the biggest problem. Now as long as I don't start eating it, I'll be fine. I will not give in to the apple pie temptation and the leftovers will be gone sooner than later.


noelle said...

freeze it! you can have it another day, my friend. maybe the pie needs to be sliced up and put in individual freezer portions. No piece today, but just lick your fingers!

ahhhh...the life of being at home all day. eh? It's so easy to eat the kids' food so it doesn't go to waste, but then it goes to WAIST!

have a great day.

new*me said...

may have to get rid of some it but for future........freeze into lunch size portions ;) Works great!

I made chili this weekend and all the leftovers would be in the fridge right now but I froze it all into individual servings ;)

Edge of Design said...

I third that! Freeze them. They make great time and money savers. Just don't throw them away unless they've gone bad on you. Another time-saving (and money saving idea) bread maker. :) Personally, I use the dough cycle and turn it into loaves or buns because my loaves never turn out to my liking in the maching so I guess my bread maker is more of a dough maker. :)

Kate said...

Usually I'm better at work than I am at home, but lately it's been the reverse, I don't get it!

I do agree with noelle though, freeze that stuff!

kborn said...

FREEZER! Like so many have already said. I LOVE having "homemade" freezer food for lunch and dinner too when Mike's late. I usually make an extra portion when I cook so I can do this. Claire gets free lunch, too, doesnt she? The hike looks like fun! When does Benji start eating solids? Is he on cereal yet? Are you going to blend your own or use Gerber??