Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Parties

I didn't even go to a Halloween party this year, but ended up eating like I did. Yesterday, my 4 yr. old was in charge of brownies and my 2nd grader was in charge of cookies. That means, Daddy was in charge of making both brownies and cookies. Thursday morning I had just made apple sauce and apple cookies, so we had tons of sweet goodness in our house. The Halloween candy is almost gone and the sweets didn't make it back home after the party, but I still had enough of a taste on Thursday.

I had a goal of losing a few pounds before the holidays, but it seems I've been content to remain at about 185-188. I'll be happy to maintain that weight for a long time.

Merry Christmas! Our town has it's decorations up already and two of the major FM radio stations started their Christmas music yesterday. Last year, they started on November 1, so they had to out-due themselves this year I guess.


Kathy said...

I love radish sandwiches! I used to eat them when I was a kid all the time. We had a huge number of halloweeners here this year. My husband thinks they were doubling back and coming back for seconds.
Walgreens had all the halloween stuff half off this morning and we bought a couple of boxes of the Ghiardelli really dark chocolate squares for us to enjoy a little at a time. It's supposed to be healthy for you, isn't it???

MizFit said...

man the keep rushing these holidays at us huh?

except mine :)


I guess Id better get to decorating!

have a great sunday.

new*me said...

maintaining is sooooooo inspiring!!! I hope to be there sometime next year !

I LOVE Christmas music. Can't get enough of it! Hubby hates it but that's his problem......this house starts playing the day after Thanksgiving and goes until New Year's Day ;)

LisaNewton said...

I bet the cookies the cookies aren't the only sweetness in the house with 4 kids also running around.

The hardest part of losing weight is the maintaining, so kudos to you............:)

MizFit said...

feeling better at all? the eye?