Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Staying Healthy While Not Feeling Well

I got a gross looking eye infection over the weekend and even though it hasn't necessarily effected my eye sight, it really has. I've been more tired and can hardly keep my eyes open after about 4:00pm. This has made exercise difficult. Today, I am finally finally somewhat better after a few days of antibiotics and eye goop. It has made me realize that it is SO easy to not exercise. Even though I do believe my excuse was valid, it would have been just as easy to put it off once again today.

I did not. I understand the importance of exercise now, and woke up at 5:30 to exercise. I still feel worn out, but I know that I would have felt even worse without the exercise. Somehow, I managed to eat lots of garbage as well the last few days probably thanks to WW and doing inventory over the weekend. Since I helped with the inventory, I had first dibs at all the expired WW snacks. Bad idea!!!


Kathy said...

Hope the eye gets better quickly. So scary having problems with your eyes. Inertia is such a strong force to overcome!

MizFit said...

take care of you and those eyes though.

I learned the hard way (watching a family member struggle) how easy it is to take vision for granted!

new*me said...

close those eyes when the kiddos will let you! Watch out for flying snacks!

David said...

I agree, sometimes when we don't feel good, it's easier to put of exercising. I recently have had a toothache and have done the same. Thanks for insight.

James Hubbard, M.D., M.D.H. said...

Be careful. It's probably contagious. Be sure to be seen if it does not go away soon, you have definite eye pain or real vision loss.
Just trying to give general info, not trying to treat over the web:)