Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Project

Can't believe that's it's Wednesday and I really haven't turned the computer on since Friday. I've had it on and off a bit, but never really had the time to sit and surf. I'm probably WAY out of touch with this one since it's been out since August, but this weekend was the first time I saw this American Express Commercial. I'm sure that I've seen it before, but it never struck me like it did over the weekend. On Sunday, I attended the WW Innovations where all the new products, meeting materials, etc. are rolled out. At the meeting, there are about 4 hours of awards presented (and I'm not exaggerating on the time), and the one that struck me the most was the final award given out. Any receptionist or leader that has had a 100 pound loser in his/her meeting receives a special charm to commemorate the event. It was a simple act and didn't even involve the leaders coming to the stage or their names being said, but the fact that these individuals had an impact on someone's life so strongly made me think about MY PROJECT.

All the blogs, sites, support systems, meetings, etc. that I have contact with throughout the week have a major impact on the way I conduct myself. Before I started this blog, I never would have thought twice about eating a whole bag of chips while watching the Biggest Loser, but now I feel accountable and if I do make a choice that is not the "better choice," I feel like MY PROJECT is not successful.

MY PROJECT has definitely changed in the last year from attempting to lose over 80 pounds, to successfully maintaining an 80 pound loss. MY PROJECT has changed from waking up every morning and working an 8 hour day at the office, to working a 24/7 day job at home. MY PROJECT is always evolving and will continue to and if it doesn't, I will lose interest. MY PROJECT is life and living healthy has become high on the list of priorities.


Kathy said...

What a great project! I've never thought of it in those terms. I certainly feel the power that our community of weight loss bloggers has created. I feel invested in the success or failure of all my blogger friends and miss anyone who "disappears" for a while. And I feel the strength that the community lends me to pick up and carry on when I have fallen for the junk again and have to renew my efforts! The community has never let me down in the three years I've been doing this. I found that the leader at a WW meeting had a definite impact on those who came to meetings! If the people who attended the meetings were able to identify with the person telling them, "Yes, I've done it and so can you!", then they are more likely to be successful as well. Good for WW that they recognize that aspect of the program!

kborn said...

I loved that commercial. I need to start working on that working out daily part of my project...and the being a 24/7 stay at home gets tough! I know I get emails and comments when I'm "gone" from blog-land longer than a few days...people I don't see are affected by what I don't do some days...crazy to think about!

D said...

Yah -- I'm proud of you!!! You deserve A LOT of charms! D

Anonymous said...

And i passed on the pizza AND Burger King today and just ate a cup full of carrots for lunch.. half way through, i needed just little ranch dressing, though to get the rest down. I am going to a meeting after school today (so if it like last year) that will include a spread of sandwiches, fruit, maybe soup and COOKIES!! Will i be able to avoid the temptations??

Anonymous said...

Hi TB- I saw your post over on ww guys page about the pudding - this is Greg. I am really impressed with your success! We are the same height 6'1" - correct? I am 222 lbs now and 190 is my goal. Did you get to goal doing flex?
Great job!

MizFit said...

the little hairs on my forearms stood up at that last sentence, TB.

it has to be a priority, huh?