Friday, December 5, 2008

A Very Unexpected NSV

It is extremely cold today!!

For the last two weeks I've noticed that my "Brake" light has been going on almost every time that I stop at an intersection. Today, I finally broke down and called the "car fixing place" as my kids like to call it. We haven't gone to Expert Automotive probably since the beginning of the year. We always had gotten our oil changed there along with all other maintenance. Lately, I've been lazy and deciding that the quick 10-minute places were more convenient with 2 kids in the car and me waiting while they do the work.

I called Ben at Expert today and he said drop on by the earlier the better. I bundled the two boys as best as I could and hauled the double stroller in the van off to expect. Surprisingly, Ben remembered exactly who I was and commented that he hadn't seen me in a while. I signed the papers and told him that I started a new job and things had been going fine, but kind of busy to get to the shop. On my way out the door, he commented on how it looked like I had lost some weight and that I looked good. Coming from someone who didn't see me often and doesn't know me any better than any other customer, that really made my day. I will be thinking twice now about going to the chain oil change rather than my local "Ma-Pa" Expert.


MizFit said...

oooh TB so now I know.

the way to your heart is through complimenting :)

I love those sort of unexpected compliments as he had nothing to gain (as in those proffered by my hubby :)) at all and you *know* it was sincere.

go you!

Kathy said...

I'm surprised he even recognized you! You have changed a lot in appearance and it would have been easy for him to think maybe that other guy has a younger, skinnier brother!

D said...

Yah, NSV's are good, eh?!! I remember those days when getting an oil change was a big ordeal -- w/ the kiddos! Your post brought back memories! (Now I could send my oldest out to get the oil change done!!!) Time DOES fly! I do miss those little kiddos but I also love having teenagers. I guess each stage is special. D

the Bag Lady said...

How nice that he noticed your weight loss! It's great to get compliments from almost-strangers, isn't it?

Thanks for you kind comment on my blog - I appreciate it. I hope you and the boys do lots of booty-shaking in honour of my aunt! She would love that.

Anonymous said...

RYC: Just tell your 2 year old the truth but in the language a 2 year old can understand. Then when that two year old is in his/her teens, it will be natural to listen and answer with the truth. It will save yourself a lot of frustration in the long run. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course if that was a rhetorical question, then I'm not sure.

Andrew is getting fit said...

That's fantastic! I'd go back for sure. ;)