Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Here Again!!!

It's that time of year again when our daughter's school encourages us to sell candy bars. We are not forced to, but we do have to raise $150 per family through fundraisers each year or buyout for the same amount. We've already sold magazines, pizzas, Kringles, entertainment books, MarketDay, etc., but I know we're still short. So we took two cases of candy bars so far, which will net us $50 toward our goal. That means I have 100 assorted candy bars staring me in the face. Last year, it was easy to get rid of the temptations, since I was still working full-time and just brought them and sold 3 cases in less than a week. This year, I don't think the kind folks at Weight Watchers would appreciate my candy bars.

It's noon on the first day and I've already had a nibble. There are four sections to each candy bar and seeing that all of my kids are home, we split one four ways. Maybe next year little Ben will be able to eat his share, but for now it was mine because I was not about to have a family war over the last section. I do feel good about only having one section and it did satisfy my sweet tooth for now. Here's hoping the family wants to buy about 75 candy bars this weekend at my neices' birthday party ;)

In the mean time, maybe I should do another giveaway...anybody up to having 100 candy bars in their house??


kborn said...

I forgot to give money for jump roping. Liz really needs to work on her marketing skills!

And I thought you gave up the scale...did I miss something somewhere??

Hope Caryn's feeling better!

MizFit said...

its a trite story but every year I ATE ALL MY CANDY and then had to get the money to buy the bars...from myself.

ahhh youth.

new*me said...

oh, man! Those candy bars are so good! Our school sells cookie dough.....yeah, my biggest downfall!

spunkysuzi said...

I'm with MizFit i'd eat them all then have to pay :( Glad i don't have them!!

Ron said...

And with the ages of your kids.. you we be selling candybars, after candybars, after candybars, along with a few other things... good luck!