Thursday, January 29, 2009

"To change and to change for the better
are two different things."

German Proverb

Have you ever made a change just for change sake? That's exactly what I did when I put the scale away. I was thinking that the feedback that the scale was providing me was interfering with how I ate. If the number was low in the morning, I ate more throughout the day; high in the morning, eat less throughout the day. I decided to bring the scale back.

Putting the scale away for a week made me realize that I can do this without the daily feedback of the number, but I rely on that number along with other factors (ie. how my clothes fit, regular exercise, tracking my food, etc.) to determine how well I am doing.

Some people can go for a whole month without weighing themselves. I am not to that point yet and need the scale as feedback.

Sidenote: Hopefully, the family is healthy once again. My 4 yr. old is back to school and all is well at home. I attempted to clean the carpet yesterday, but my wife did a much better job. Glad she know how to use the darn Kirby!! We bought it a few years ago instead of going to Disney. Wonder if she'll find another "Kirby" before our scheduled Disney outing in July ;)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Glad to hear all are well again.

And good on you for realising you still need the scale.

Ron said...

Glad everyone's health is back to normal.

MizFit said...

glad all are better.
now YOU need to stay healthy too.

new*me said...

I was just telling hubby it's time for our winter carpet cleaning :) I always do it after the decorations are all put away ;) We don't own a machine.......usually we rent the Rug Doctor and it works pretty well! I LOVE clean carpet!

Glad the family is all well again!

Kathy said...

The scale is just one more tool to be used and I think it is probably most helpful during the maintenance period of a diet.

Scale Junkie said...

Glad to hear everyone is better.

I struggled with scale addiction but last year I learned to use other tools to track my progress. I weigh in weekly now but my husband no longer needs to hide the scale from me.

spunkysuzi said...

Glad the family is good! I couldn't even think about going without the scale for a month! I think i'd have to start therapy!

Lynn said...

This week I will not step on the scale until official weigh in day. I am hoping I can make it. I am obsessed with numbers so it is hard for me to not look every day. I am two days without looking so far but I think about it every morning. I hope I can make it until Friday.

Great blog!