Friday, January 9, 2009

A Positive Influence

I received an email this week from a good friend ;), stating that she has been keeping up to date on my blog and this year was trying to follow my good example. What a great compliment!! Sometimes as we move along this journey, we lose touch with how much work this weight loss thing really is. I was just thinking while driving the girls to school about things my boys won't know about me or our family. I specifically was thinking this as seeing the mounds of discarded Christmas trees along the side of the road. My boys have never had a "real" Christmas tree!! My boys will never remember a "fat" Daddy either!! In years to come, I hope this will remain true.

It's great to be looked upon as a positive example and I hope it will continue. This weekend, I'm working my regular WW meetings for the last time till April. I'm subbing at a different location till then as we play musical centers for a while. Long story! I'm hoping that many of the same members will still be around in April, but as the weight loss pendulum sways, many come and go. I know I have had a positive influence on many of the members since many of them look at my name tag and before picture, which is none to flattering and state, "That was you??" I'm taken aback each time it happens as I really didn't consider myself being "That fat!!"

Here's to being a positive influence. Mizfit is pairing up accountability partners to kick off the new year. I didn't consider it the last go around, but after reconsidering, I'm hoping to be a positive influence and receiving the same encouragement in return.


noelle said...

YOu know, I read that on MizFit this morning too and didn't think much about it, but you're right. It's hard work and it's always great to have someone pointing out the LITTLE things that add up to big successes.

We have just started at a new church. None of them know the heavy me. It's weird to be "regular" in their eyes when so often I still see myself as the chubby mama.

I've loved taking this journey with you, btw.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Yes! My daughter will never know her fat dadddy. That's the way it should be!

MizFit said...

you are such a role model and, in a big way, you are my husbands role model and he is wholly unaware.
I like to convey little TBisms along the way & see what he does with them.

thanks for the link as well (I love those kinds of surprises :)).

Im so excited how many people decided, already, to jump it and join up.


Anonymous said...

I think all your kids (and your wife) need to see a "real" tree next year!! Keep up the good work!


the Bag Lady said...

Oh, yes, TB - jump on the bandwagon over at Miz's! I have the best motivational partner around (and I'm keeping her - sorry!) but I'm sure Miz can match you up with someone almost as good!! :)

Kathy said...

I know you have been a great influence to many bloggers, WW members, and friends but probably the best example you have set is for those kids of yours. Seeing you make good food choices and exercise regularly has got to make a difference in how they will approach being healthy!

new*me said...

I know your story inspired me before I even had my blog :) Once you "get it", it seems only right to pass it on!