Monday, January 12, 2009

"I Know..."

This weekend, we celebrated my Father-in-law's 65th birthday. No fancy cake, but we had a wicked pan of brownies with one missing before we lit the 65 candles (I guess you can do that when you're 65). After the celebration Saturday, I wanted to exercise on Sunday. As soon as the football games started, I told my wife that I was going upstairs to exercise. Her response: "I know." I asked what that meant and she said, "You like to do that :)"

Never have I told her that I like to exercise! It got me thinking about exercise. Initially, I thought, I don't like exercise. But now that I've thought about it for awhile, maybe my wife is full of more wisdom than I give her credit. I do enjoy the time I have alone in my little exercise room. I close the door, turn on the TV and am in my own little world for at least a half an hour. It is a nice little break from reality. I can't possibly think about much else because I'm concentrating on how much I want the workout to be done, or how many more minutes I have left. I don't worry about the work to be done around the house. It is a nice way to relax. So, even though I don't want to admit that I like exercise, I will say that I enjoy the time to myself.

This journey should be focused on yourself. Take time for yourself and you will be successful. It's alright to give of yourself, but don't forget to give TO yourself as well.


noelle said...

Good for you! I think more and more that if I had a treadmill here at home I would be more motivated to get some daily activity.

Maybe someday....

paul said...

I don't like exercising.

I like how I feel after I have exercised, however.

You raise a good point that how we feel about something determines in part how easy or difficult it is to follow through with it.

Perhaps I should stop telling myself that I don't like exercise.

Thanks for the food for thought.

new*me said...

I love exercising now. I too, feel that I love it because it's time for me and that is so hard to find with 4 kiddos around. On the days I don't get it in, I feel more stressed I give it to myself and the family as a gift of a less stressed mommy!

Ron said...

I go thru stages, I loved exercising for awhile, now I want to get a good work out in the shortest amount of time possible, so I can be lazy. I need to get back into the other frame of mind!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Think how much more you might enjoy that little room if you got a big screen tv and a lazy boy in there!

MizFit said...

thats 100% me with regards to my cardio.
I DO NOT NOT NOT LIKE CARDIO but I do love shutting the door for 30 min and holing up with my Star magazine and not being a mama or a wife or ANYTHING WITH RESPONSIBILITIES for a bit.
your wife IS wise huh? :)