Sunday, January 18, 2009

What is it about the Cold?

Do your tastes change from Summer to Winter? What is it about the cold that brings about a need for "comfort" food? I never believed in comfort food until the last few days. Being trapped in the house because of the bitter cold, got me realizing that I certainly eat differently in the winter compared to the summer. During the summer, I love fresh fruits, veggies and generally eat much more "lite." During the winter, I have been finding myself reach for the breads, crackers, and all sorts of seasonal treats. I still eat plenty of fruits and veggies, but am favoring the old standbys of apples and bananas to the summery berries, melons, etc.

This week I made a batch of Rainbow Bean Soup. I'm sure it's not a recipe that I would choose during the summer, but to eat it during this recent cold spell has been a treat. Today, our family feasted on soup and grilled cheese for lunch. This cold weather seems to play tricks on our bodies when it comes to exercise too.

I don't seem motivated to move as I would rather stay under a blanket and keep myself warm. I've enjoyed snuggling with the little ones as they put off a lot of body heat to keep my "not-so-insultated-as-I-once-was" body warm. Yesterday, while working in a WW meeting room, one of the members mentioned how warm it was. I told her I was freezing and she noticed the THREE heavy layers of clothes I was wearing. Today, I am once again sporting three layers plus a fleece sweatshirt and a fleece blanket. Can't wait for the summer to once again come and naturally encourage a little more physical activity.


new*me said...

I find it so much easier to eat light in the summer too! It's also easier to guzzle the water ;)

Sooo looking forward to spring and summer!

Ron said...

Amen to that, come on summer!!!!

Kate said...

Yes! The weather definitely plays mind games on me too, for some reason I stop eating soups in the summer, and I just could eat a ton of comfort food. Before WW's and watching what I ate, I always gained a few lbs in the winter, then lost them in the summer.

Kathy said...

Nature provides us with the means to survive cold weather. It increases our appetite for carbs so we will gain a layer of protective fat quickly and slows us down so we won't waste that energy. We're basically just a bunch of squirrels and bears!