Friday, January 16, 2009

Singing through Cabin Fever

Today, is the second straight day in which the kids have no school due to the cold weather. They're predicting a high of 5 degrees today. Yesterday, we didn't get above 0! The wind is what really is causing the closing as the windchills are -40.

I usually leave the house to do something, but yesterday I opened the door to get the paper and to get the mail and that was it. I got the lowest number of steps that I ever remember getting, but did manage to get in a cardio workout on the elliptical.

On the Biggest Loser this week, one of the trainer tips that Bob mentioned was singing while you're doing your workout on the treadmill or the elliptical. He mentioned that singing strenghtens your ab muscles and improves your breathing. I enjoy singing, but I always thought if you could sing while you exercise, you're not exercising hard enough. We do a lot of singing in this house and yesterday, we watched "Annie" and did a rousing rendition of "Tomorrow" as an entire family. Today, we're set to watch another musical. Probably, "Wizard of Oz" while singing along with the munchkins and following the yellow brick road.

Besides going to the bathroom like a seasoned pro, my 3 yr. old has also been surprising me a few times a day. Out of the blue he will say, "I'm going to exercise!" Then, he proceeds upstairs and hops on the elliptical for a few minutes. He comes back in such a good mood, like he has really accomplished something great. After a few hours, he usually does the same thing once again.

Here's to a peaceful day with four kids and a Dad suffering from cabin fever.


Andrew is getting fit said...

I love how kids follow our example!

Matt Keeling said...

Yikes. I can relate to an extent with our burst of cold air here in KC but your guys are in the freezer.

I have been asked to not sing while working out. The people at the gym think that it is annoying.

Anonymous said...

OH, and where is TW?? Maybe it's TB's turn to get out for the day!

We have also planned a movie marathon. A scheduled 4-day weekend for our district. I have an itch to set a puzzle too, but that certainly doesn't help add steps to my day.

Have a warm weekend!

:) Peachy

kborn said...

Too cute, AJ! Too cute.

I thought that it wasn't a hard enough work out too...

Made low sugar,low fat banana oatmeal cookies for dad's party today! Yummy! Hopefully the freezer won't kill the yumminess too much!

new*me said...

we had the bitter cold here too but not quite as closings...thank goodness ;)

That is really cute about your little one exercising and BRAVO on the potty training!

I love the Wizard of Oz......maybe because I live in KS ;)

Jack Sprat said...

Well it was 67 degrees and sunny here yesterday and today looks to be about the same.... so I guess I had better get in a long walk on behalf of all the cabin-bound folks out there!

MizFit said...

checking in on you and the fever.

hows it going there? :)

TB--Milwaukee said...

High in the low 20's today. That's a heat wave!!