Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...and That's Why I Don't Use Coupons!!

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with the boys. This is a weekly chore that I actually enjoy as my 3 yr. old is a great help and my 8 month old usually sleeps right through it. Before going shopping, I decided to clip a few coupons since I've seen so my news reports about how much you can save by clipping them. I did my best to only take the ones for things that we normally use, but I had three coupons for FREE items. Not sure about you, but when I hear the word FREE, I'm right there!! As a WW employee, I receive occasional coupons for items to try. Yesterday, I had a free coupon for Weight Watcher baked goods, Kettle Potato Chips, and Jolly Time popcorn. Of course, I took those coupons and tried to use them. Unfortunately, the popcorn was no where to be found, but believe me, I found the WW muffins and potato chips...and today they are out of the house!! The reason: I ATE THEM!!

Three muffins and a bag of potato chips!!

Although I saved over $50 on my grocery bill, I ate food that I have avoided just because I don't care for them all that much. I may continue to clip the coupons for items I regularly use, but I have a feeling there is a reason I have been avoiding those free coupons in the past.

Have a great Fat Tuesday! I'll eat a Paczki for ya ;)


Kathy said...

I gave up on most coupons a long time ago for the same reason. I keep one only if I'm going to buy the product anyway.

So happy for Matt! And didya notice who is 7th in the point standings???

moonduster said...

Yep, those coupons'll get you! :)

Kate said...

So I shouldn't ask if the WW muffins were good? lol

You guys finally getting some relief from the snow up there? Its suppose to be in the 40s here tomorrow, ya!

Ron said...

I take the get something free coupons to work and let someone else have the free junk!

Anonymous said...

We ate plenty of paczkis around here. I made 6 dozen! However, the majority were given away.

Since getting new hours at work, I have really been struggling to make my 10,000 steps. After today, I'll have to try for 15,000.

:) Peachy

new*me said...

the only thing "fat" about my Tuesday was the two bites of leftover b-day cake I ate. In the past, I'd go on a huge binge :)

I know what you mean about the free things ;) Better not to have them around for anyone!!

D said...

Yah, if it's a trigger item for me, I avoid it. But I save a lot using coupons for my family. Recently I got $1 off coupons for Europe's Best frozen fruit & veggies -- I've been enjoying those (I picked up a bunch of them!). Yah!

Recently I picked up ready-made little pizzas for the guys lunches for $1.97 & they had a free YOP drink coupon on the boxes -- they're 97cents each. We've been enjoying the free YOPS. Would never buy them w/o a coupon though.

d.fine09 said...

This makes me laugh because it is totally me. I am very decerning when clipping coupons and only clip things that we should be eating because the last thing I need is a good excuse to buy junk.