Friday, February 20, 2009

I Just Wasn't Hungry

Last night, I worked two WW meetings and got home about 8:15. When working these meetings in the past, I've always come home and eaten the leftovers from whatever I made before leaving. Last night, I cooked a pizza before leaving and didn't expect any to be left when I got home. I was right. They are great pizzas and I would know since I helped make over 2500 last Saturday!

When I got home, I had a cup of yogurt and some popcorn. That was my supper. I ended up with lots of points left for the day (12 points under). I have never left points on my plate before. I always feel that if I get the points, I gotta eat the points. I did get all my good healthy guidelines in as I feasted on veggies and fruit for breakfast and lunch and added some to my yogurt in the evening. Added oil to the popcorn and that's usually the other tough one for me to get in.

WW is stressing in their journals this year to track your hunger. This has gotten me to realize on the normal days that I usually eat out of habit. If it's about noon, I eat lunch. If it's about 3:00, I have a snack. If it's about 5:00, it's suppertime. I am starting to realize that I eat out of habit, not hunger.

Today, I will once again try to focus on my hunger and not worry about the points so much. But I still hate to leave points on my plate!


Ron said...

I have gotten in the habit of eating 7 times a day weather I am hungry or not... it's working for me!

spunkysuzi said...

Yes i agree with Ron it's getting easier. I'm trying to eat 6 times a day. But there are times when i just start eating and truly i can't eat anymore. So i just stop and wait for my next snack :) It has definitely helped me with cravings.

new*me said...

I think if you are getting in the right nutritional requirements for your body and not going too low on calories.........and you are not gaining........why eat the points if you aren't hungry?

I am experimenting this week with eating more calories and more often to see if I can wake up my metabolism and get a regular loss pattern going again. I am hoping this will work. I haven't compared what I'm eating to a point system but I will try the WW tool on Roni's site and see where I fall.

Pizza sounds yummy right now!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I'd give eating when hungry a go.

MizFit said...

I live Rons comment BUT also know many who leave the point on their plate if they arent hungry for them.

its that constant struggle to figure out what works...and that's always changing --- for me anyway.

kborn said...

So jealous....wish yogurt could be my dinner! :)