Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello, My Name is TB and I'm a Mindless Eater

This weekend, "Finding Nemo" was on the Disney channel at bedtime and of course the girls HAD to watch it even though we have it on DVD and can watch it anytime we want. We watched till the first two commercial breaks and then went to bed. I really do like the movie and one of my favorite parts is the "Shark Intervention." Bruce and his buddies are sharks that are trying not to eat mindlessly, ie. eating little fish just for fun. During the weekly shark meeting, one of the little fish gets a bloody fin and Bruce smells the blood.

It seems to me that I've been smelling a lot of blood lately. Another birthday party this past weekend, my birthday last week, candybars glalour in the house and just an overall feeling of "I don't care!"

It's difficult to stay focused all the time and it's difficult to say no all the time, but this week I will use my 3 month journal as I know I do so much better when I use it. I looked at it this morning and noticed that I haven't writen anything down since Thursday. That's four days of eating wrecklessly. I know I try to make the better choices, but when I'm not writting things down, I also know that I tend to eat too many points.

So here's to a week of tracking and not eating just because I smell the blood.


Kate said...

kudos to you, and know when you need to "scale it back".

Andrew is getting fit said... seems we'll always be sharks eh.

Ron said...

Yea, I have been eating 1600 calories for the past week and don't know where that is point wise, so today I am keeping track of both! Today is a new day :)

spunkysuzi said...

I'm so with you on the journaling without it i don't have a clue what i'd be eating!!

new*me said...

I think once you get back into the mindful routine, it will come easy again.

I love that part of the movie too!

noelle said...

I agree that once you get OUT of the habit of mindless eating, it feels really good.

It's so easy to just starting nibbling this and that and before we know it, we are eating all the time.

MizFit said...

GREAT POST. love nemo. love the parallel.


Dinah Soar said...

When I was going to WW our leader gave us all a tiny plastic fish to carry as a reminder/touchstone..the idea coming from Finding Nemo and Dory, I think her name was, who kept saying "keep swimming"...that helped me that week when I'd be tempted to quit...good little message...let me warn you though...don't dare watch the movie "Chocolat" will create an irresistible desire for chocolate. I made the mistake of watching it because this is Valentine's week (hahaha...we foodies don't have a 'day''s always a week)