Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Spring-like Day

Today, I took the boys to the zoo for the first time since probably October. It was packed. The temperatures today are near 60 and the stroller patrol was in full force. We enjoyed our walk around the zoo and returned home in time for lunch. Tonight, we'll be grilling out. Haven't had a brat since summer and it's about time!

Our snow is almost gone, just in time for another round of winter tomorrow. It was definitely nice to get the double-stroller out for a spin and we are longing for the days we can use it daily.

It's amazing how the weekdays go so much smoother eating-wise compared to the weekends. I have really no explanation other than having family gatherings on the weekends and more food in eyesight. My exercise usually doesn't change, in fact, I usually do more cardio on the weekend just because my wife is around to watch the kids in the morning. One day of tracking down and I stayed honest to myself. Hoping today goes just as well.


Kate said...

We are also having that very spring like weather today, just a mean little taste of what is to come in a couple months, back to winter in no time!

Glad you guys enjoyed the zoo, was just telling the boyfriend we need to go to the zoo soon!

new*me said...

We are having the same weather ;) It's 66 now but a chance of snow tomorrow!

We went to the park and we'll be doing round 2 after naps. Hubby is grilling pork chops for dinner :)

Warm temps and bbq go hand in hand!

spunkysuzi said...

Well we did hit 7 degrees celcius here today :) Nearly spring like!!

Ron said...

Wonderful weather here today too.. took the Harley out for a nice ride! Sounds like your weekends with family gatherings are like my nights that I go out and eat with friends... it would be so much easier to eat at home, but that's not reality for me... So I just keep trying to make those better choices.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I can't wait for some Autumn (fall) weather!

MizFit said...

youre not alone in that---as I know you know. the structure of my week makes it almost easy to be healthy.

the weekends? the movies? the eating out?

it can get ugly :)

Kathy said...

I think there is a feeling of letting go of the rules and constraints of the daily grind on weekends and our eating reflects that feeling. It is ingrained in me even after 10 years of retirement!