Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Point of Reference

Inspired once again from "Ron" on the Biggest Loser who was struggling this week over who to vote out. He stated that Shannon had "No point of reference" meaning she never knew what it was like to be thin. Is it necessary to have something to look back at as a point of reference? Many of us have struggled with our weight our whole entire life. I was a chunky kid who thinned out somewhat in high school after becoming more active. This week, I pulled out my extensive scrapbook from that time. It's a wonder my house looks the way it does since I have every Valentine, birthday card, graduation card, along with pictures from each grade, clippings from newspapers, programs, ticket stubs, and so much more.

While looking through my treasures, I found my old football programs from high school. I was a monster in comparison to others on my team. I weighed in at 165 while most of the rest of the team was in the 140's. I'm wondering what I would look like if I was 165 today?

I'm glad that I have something to compare myself to, but is it really realistic? I am now almost 20 years older and my body has definitely taken on a different look...I used to have a lot of hair!! It's amazing to me that people can change so fast.

This past weekend, I was working a WW meeting and introduced myself to one of the lifetime members that I knew 10 years ago at the first nursing home that I worked at as a MT. Her father had been a longtime resident and she visited daily during mealtimes to get him to eat. I knew she didn't recognize me and I wanted to let her know that her father made a mark in my life. It was great to reconnect with this family member as I loved having her father teach me Polish, dirty jokes, and sheepshead. I remember all the jokes he taught me and already knew how to play sheepshead, but his presence at the sheepshead table made me play differently; he was a seasoned pro.

The years fly by and even though I may have changed physically, I really believe that I am still the same person I was when I was biggest guy on the football team. I'm still the same person I was when I learned how to count to ten in Polish. I'm still the same person that I was before I lost 80 plus pounds and no picture will change that. I may feel stronger and have more energy, but I'm still that darn sensitive guy with listening ear who cares about everyone else more than himself.


Andrew is getting fit said...

It's quite interesting how you feel you are still essentially the same as I feel I have changed quite a bit. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Kathy said...

Great post! I always hated it when people assumed I felt differently about them or myself after losing weight. I just wanted to be the same person with a healthier body but some people don't accept that.

Sabs said...

I was thin long ago and although I would love to be the same weight I was back then, I doubt if I would look the same. As long as I reach a healthy weight for my frame I will be happy