Monday, March 2, 2009

Fast Pants

When I weighed in at 270, I almost always wore what I called my "fast pants." My fast pants are mostly any pants that had an elastic waistband. By the time I was 270, that meant most any of my pants. Over the weekend, I wore my fast pants after working at WW on Saturday. My plan was to exercise right after eating lunch. I ended up just staying in my fast pants all day. I did exercise, but never changed back into regular clothes and I have to say that I just didn't feel right.

I felt like I was being lazy and just not ready for the day. I've been watching people lately and it seems that people who take care of themselves and are in adequate shape don't wear "fast pants." They know the difference!! Workout clothes are for workouts and those days when you just don't care. Saturday was one of those days that I just didn't care.

I'm glad not everyday is like that since I'd be wore out by being so "fast", I have my slow jeans on ;)


Kathy said...

I think it does affect you mentally when you are in the loose clothes. They just kinda say, "Relax...don't worry!"

new*me said...

when I first read the title, I read "fat" pants.........I think "fast" pants and "fat" pants can be one and the same :) I stayed in my pjs most of the day Saturday and felt the same way! It was cold and snowy and I just had the "I don't wanna" attitude all day!

kborn said...

i wear fast pants unless i leave the house. mostly because watching quinn, playing with cats and keeping the house clean are all exercise!! why do that all in my nice jeans and pants?! :)

d.fine09 said...

It's all about the mindset in my oppinion. I definately dress way down when I am not feeling good about myself.

MizFit said...

I read fat pants too!
and definitely have the I DONT CARE (here we call em the George Costanza Pants. see that episode?) pants as well.

try NOT to don those very often :)