Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What is an Impressive Weight Loss?

Last night, a new member came into WW with about 10 pounds to loss. I thought to myself...Self, would you be motivated enough to come to WW if you ONLY had 10 pounds to loss? (I still haven't answered myself yet)

I came to WW with at least 75 pounds to loss. It took that long before I was motivated enough to do something about it. Another member at the meeting last night celebrated losing 70 pounds. She had been one of the members that I sat with while we were still losing together. I was near goal when she started at about this time last year. Is it more impressive to have someone do something about their weight when they are only a few pounds over weight, or is it more impressive when they have 100 pounds or more to lose?

Personally, I am glad I am not one of those who needed to lose 100 pounds. Even though I could stand to lose about another 10 pounds, I'll never reach that 100 pound mark. It is truly difficult to lose any weight, so I'm thinking that the member who loses 10 pounds is almost if not MORE impressive than the member who loses 75-100.

The member who lost 70 pounds last night, expressed the feeling that these last 10 pounds have been the most difficult. She lost the first 60 without needing to workout much and having a very easy time of it. Since, she has joined a gym, got a trainer and really had to work at losing 7 pounds in 3 months. Impressive?? 7 pounds in 3 months is still over a 1/2 pound a week and a very healthy way to lose.

Still mulling over myself to figure out why I should be impressed that I had to lose 75 pounds in the first place!


Lost Half of Me said...

While I must admit to being one of those more impressed with a person who lost MORE weight. While many would say the high numbers are an attention getter and that is true, I personally had so much to lose that I now know the long range determination that it takes to lose a lot of weight. For people who lose a 75, 100, 150 pounds or even more...well, losing weight for us can't be just a whim. We can't eat right for a just a few weeks or even months to reach our goal. It is something you must work hard to do for years! That detemination and perseverence is what impresses me.

Doug said...

This is an interesting post. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, and the only reason I don't have 100+ pounds to lose is because I worked my butt off to minimize the damage I had done. (yo-yo, anyone)

My motivation came from seeing my dad's side of my family be 300+ pounds, with all that entails. My uncle having a stroke, my grampa dying when my dad was mid 20s, my aunt and uncle barely able to walk... etc.etc.

A lot of skinny people I see, I am not impressed by. They don't work out, they eat junk, and I don't think they are as healthy as a lot of the overweight people in weight loss blogosphere.

I am impressed by the huge weight losses that people have had. I am also impressed with skinny people who lead healthy lifestyles.

MizFit said...

huh. something Id never thought about as all my friends who have done ww end up eyerolling to me the people who come to their meetings with 10 pounds to lose.

the 'WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY HERE?!' mentality.

and yet as you point out I know intellectually that those final 10 can be the biggest hurdle.

Dinah Soar said...

Having been in both camps..losing 50 pounds twice successfully (regained both times) and trying to lose the initial 10 pound regain, I can attest it is much harder to lose a small amount than a large amount.

In fact, my last 10 pounds to goal was a nightmare to lose..I went to bed hungry every night, almost lived on green beans and zucchini and had to do extra exercise every day. The only thing that kept me going was wanting to get my lifetime membership in WW.

Having regained all of my 50 pound loss the first time, I was determined not to let it happen a second time. Well, guess what...while I haven't regained the whole 50 I've regained 30 of it. Accepted the first 10 when I couldn't budge it off. Then regained 20 more (in 10 weeks!!)that I have been trying to lose since 2005 with no success whatsover. I lose a few pounds over a period of months, then right back it comes almost overnight. Months of hard work undone in a couple of days.

Unequivocally I say, smaller is much more difficult to lose.

moonduster said...

I'm ashamed that I got to a point where I had over 100 pounds to lose (137.5 exactly) to get to a healthy BMI, but I'm proud of the fact that I only have 57 pounds left to go!

I'm impressed with anyone's weight loss, big or small. :)

new*me said...

as someone who had over 100 lbs to lose ............all I can say is when you have weight to lose,no matter how much........it seems overwhelming. When it started melting easily off........it was rewarding. Now it's stuck to me and not budging.........and I'm thinking.........is it worth the time and work to stick with it and lose the last 60?? Hell ya!