Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Surprised!!

Yesterday, I weighed in officially for the month of March. I knew I was over my goal weight of 190 for the first time in over a year and was actually surprised that I was MORE over my goal. I have been weighing daily again and yesterday was the lowest I have been for about two weeks. This week, after tracking my dinner and limiting my evening snacks, I've lost at least two pounds so I am not worried about having another repeat next month.

I also attended a WW staff meeting and the topic was maintaining a loss and picking an appropriate goal. Very appropriate topic for me!! When I picked my goal, I had discussed with my doctor what I thought I could maintain for a lifetime. I am still very satisfied with my goal, but would personally like to lose a few more pounds below my goal. The official WW stance is that to be a true lifetime member you will maintain two pounds below or two pounds above your goal. Many members have lower personal goals than their official goal. Some members have no idea what to choose for a goal. So the questions was asked: How do we choose an overall goal?

Many leaders encourage members to pick a "high" goal and continue to lose. This discourages the members to try to lose anymore. So leaders give little guidance, which leaves members thinking that they are alone. Other leaders pick mid to low numbers, which members feel they cannot achieve.

Another question: When do you set a "final" goal? It seems ridiculous to set a final goal the first day of a new lifestyle. Seems overwhelming...unachievable...etc. It feels so much better to set intermediate goals and celebrate along the way.

But now, what happens once a goal is reached. How do we teach maintenance? Still after a year, I am not fully sure that I know how to maintain. Still longing for the compliments and reassurances that I look good. Still longing for the joy I felt each time I had a loss!!

I'm not surprised about my 5 pound gain this month and I needed I can celebrate a 5 pound loss once again ;)


theantijared said...

We will all celebrate with you!

MizFit said...

thats the ultimate huh? how do we maintain...teach to maintain? if only we had the answer we'd be on Oprah tomorrow :)


Ron said...

I'm sure your happy that it's only 5 pounds... not like when you started this lifestyle change!

moonduster said...

All tricky questions. I plan on reaching my goal sometime this year..But then what?

Anonymous said...

I think you still look great!


new*me said...

I am choosing a little higher --and I think I will be able to maintain.

I think from year to year you have may have to adjust calories/exercise because of age and other changes that come least you don't have to do menopause :)