Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Grocery Store

I love shopping with the boys. We often stop to smell the roses. We often stop and squeeze the melons. We ride down the cookie aisle and look, but don't touch. We throw at least 3 containers of yogurt in the cart and Daddy restocks them when Alex is checking out the chips. Our favorite part of shopping...well, Alex would probably say it is when he gets to put his quarter in the gumball machine after he is such a great helper. Daddy would say, it's the aroma of the freshly baked donuts! Haven't had one in a LONG time, even at church I pass them up because I know I couldn't stop at 7 donut holes. Poor girl!

The donuts are definitely the highlight as I sit here drooling on my keyboard. Alex picks out the 3 donuts he would pick because of course he is 3 and that's how many he would eat while I stare with mouth wide open at all of them. Today, as we were gazing gluttonously at the sea of scrumptiousness I believe we saved at least 3 people from buying donuts unnecessarily ;)

Have a great Tuesday and we are longing for our next trip to the grocery store to smell the roses!


Ron said...

I've never been a donut fan... and I am glad! Now pass the peanut M7M's please!!!!

Oh Sew Good said...

I would say, have the donut, enjoy it and be done with it already. :)

deb said...

I LOVE donuts - and they are so not allowed. However, I cannot imagine saying "never again". So I set a rule.

I get fasting bloodwork done 2x a year or so (this year? Atleast 3 times). On the morning I have fasting bloodwork done, I am allowed to get 2 donuts IF I SO CHOOSE. If I don't eat that day, I have to wait until the next blood draw.

(I also can only eat fried chicken when I get my oil changed).

Remarkably, I usually choose NOT to eat the food. But I always look forward to being able to eat it.

MizFit said...

lost my comment when I saw that someonewhoshallremainnameless isnt a DONUT FAN?!

I have such fond childhood memories of the holes....