Monday, April 27, 2009

How Long Would It Take...

for you to gain 50 pounds!!

I've been hearing that Jim Carey is gaining 40-50 pounds for the role of Curly in a new "Three Stooges" movie. I have to wonder what he is eating to do so? I saw an interview recently with Jenny McCarthy and she said that she is having a hard time not eating as much as he is. Have to wonder again what he is eating? Is there a healthy vs. a not-healthy way to gain weight? What food would help you gain weight the fastest?

I put on about the same amount of weight that I lost within about a four year period known as the "college years." I know how to put on weight, but could I do it purposefully, not sure and I don't want to find out.

I love Jim Carey and totally get his kind of humor, but isn't there an actor that has the extra 50 pounds already and could pull the character off just as well?

Anyway, my advice for packing on 50 pounds quickly. Eat a huge breakfast. This was a huge key to my weight gain. I worked early in the morning in the cafeteria and ate enough for the entire day before the crack of dawn. Eggs, hashbrown patties, bacon, sausage, omelets, and then I'd probably grab some cold cereal just so I cold say I drank some milk, and don't forget the piece of fruit on the way out just to feel good about yourself.

Breakfast can be a great way to lose and GAIN weight.

Next, I know I always had a midmorning snack of Taco Bell, just because it was on the way to my next class and "everyone else was doing it" so why not? Having music classes over the lunch hour, I always missed an official lunch and had more snacks about 3:00 followed by dinner at 5:00. Don't forget the study munchies and I'm sure I consumed plenty to gain 50 pounds in a year.

Not sure how much time Jim Carey has to gain the weight, but maybe he should consider going to a college campus for a while.


Elle said...

PIZZA! Lots and lots of pizza. Sigh. I miss food.

Oh Sew Good said...

Okay. Now THAT was funny!

Kathy said...

Fried carbs such as doughnuts.
Carbs with butter such as garlic bread.
Carbs with cheese such as pizza.
It's easy!

deb said...

processed foods: anything made with wheat flour especially with fat added to meal (look closely at the breakfast and snack - you'll see what I mean).

I can gain 5# in a week, but to gain it and sustain it for a movie? I'd likely want to gain about 3# a week.

I think the comedic timing -and the elastic face would be key for Curly. John Belushi, John Candy maybe could have done it, but they're dead. John Riley? Maybe.

But for a guarenteed opening weekend money maker, I'd put Carrey in the movie and hope for the best.

kborn said...

For me it was McD's, regular sprite, bagels LOADED with cream cheese and butter, and LOTS AND LOTS of grilled cheese with tomato soup ... and 7 months of parasite pregnancy...we'll not talk about the last 2 months gain.....

Melissa said...

so i scheduled my classes for college and i made sure i had time for my lunch from 11 to 1 haha.

MizFit said...

I hadnt heard that!
I love him and have often wondered if Id be able to do the BRIDGET JONES thing (as we call it around here).
mentally that has to be a mindgame but perhaps NOT for someone who has never had to lose weight??

Ron said...

I really don't think it would take me that long, I have always loved food! I guess thats why I am still 4 pounds over my goal!