Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Had Forgotten

Yesterday, I mentioned that Jim Carey is gaining weight for a new movie. The comments got me thinking about the foods I rarely eat now compared to those I used to eat everyday, all day.

PIZZA!! In college, this was a staple snack in the evening. After I had consumed enough calories for a week in less than a day, I would go on to order a $2.99 pizza from one of the national chains. Who could pass up a $3.00 pizza delivered fresh to your room? Unfortunately, to get the $3.00 pizza, you had to order something else because they would not deliver less than a $5.00 order...so breadsticks with garlic sauce it was. I could not even tell you and I don't care to think about how many of these value snacks I consumed.

Seems that carbs would be the key to quick weight gain. Good luck Jim Carey!! Hope you care get it back off too.

This morning, I did something unthinkable. I set my alarm for 5:05am!! Luckily, Big Ben decided wake me up about that time. I had my clothes laid out and I actually hauled my lazy butt out of bed and went for a walk. I purchased some Nordic walking sticks recently and decided that today was the day. I have to say, the I was glad no one was around to watch since I felt rather uncoordinated for the first mile, but look out after that! I shall set my alarm again for Thursday, as I know I'll be riding the elliptical either late tonight or early tomorrow to catch the Biggest Loser.

Have a great Tuesday, off to the thrift stores to find a costume for the girls. Tomorrow, is dress like your favorite storybook character. It's national library week!


Kathy said...

Go, You!

new*me said...

Way to go!! I love exercising in the morning. It just sets the mood for an awesome day :)