Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are You Crazy if You Talk to Yourself?

This morning, I caught up on last night's Biggest Loser. One of my favorite part's of the episode was when each contestant was speaking to themselves as their "fat" self talking to their "skinny" self. I've been thinking a bit about talking to yourself since then and one of the Weight Watcher tools for living is "self talk." Is it crazy to talk to yourself about certain things? Like trying to convince myself it's OK not to exercise because I'm "too tired" or I can eat just one more helping of potatoes because "it's a veggie."

Self Talk is a healthy thing and when used appropriately can be a great tool on a weight loss journey. I wish I would have been able to say a few choice words to my old self as the contestants were able to do. What would my 80 pound heavier self say to myself now. Mike said something like "Way to go, dude!" and his Dad, Ron said something that I definitely would have said "I'm proud of you! Can't say I've ever said that before."

Pride. What a great way to show yourself how you feel. Reminds me of the old SNL sketch about "I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and Gosh, Darn it, people like me!" Have a great Wednesday and be proud of yourself and don't be afraid to say it to yourself or shout it out loud.


Oh Sew Good said...

I missed most of Season One but I have watched B/L ever since. One of the moments that touched my heart this Tuesday was when Helen said "I can't believe I thought this was okay." It just got to me somehow.

For the record, some of my best conversations have been with myself. :)

deb said...

It's OK to talk to yourself. I do it all the time. Usually I'm trying to cheer myself on.

I'm thinking we should turn on the vid-cams on our computers and give ourselves a couple cheering messages. Then, when our evil twin wants us to eat some white potato, we can simply click the icon on our desktops and hear the counter argument.

Or does this show that my computer is way too ingrained in my moment-to-moment life?

Miz said...

OOOH I LOVED that sketch with Jack Handy.
(never got why people mocked it :) its a great idea...)

Tami said...

I've recently started positive self talk. I cant say its made a difference yet but the book I read said to do it for at least 30 days. I'll give it a go...
I think recording a message to ourselves is a great idea. I'll have to do that this weekend.