Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream Analysis Please!!

Saturday, I went to Sam's Club. Bought all the regular stuff: lots of fresh fruits and veggies. However, there was one thing calling my name since I saw it in another cart the last time I visited Sam. Salt Water Taffy!! Unfortunately, Salt Water Taffy at Sam's does not come in a small package, so I was FORCED to buy a 4 lb. bag. I proceeded to eat a few pieces and then take the rest to my Mother-in-law's house (I'm sure it will be safe there). Even after the darn taffy was thought to be safe at Grandma's house, I proceeded to eat my fair share.

Saturday night, I felt horrible. Knowing that I had eaten enough sugar for a month, I knew why, but I had no idea of the result. I am not one to remember dreams, but Saturday night I had the most vivid dream I have had in a long while. I was dropping my girls off at school and stayed to help in the classroom room for the morning. As the morning went a long, more children kept getting sick with skin infections. It was soon discovered that there were flesh eating insects that had invaded the school. The Health Department came and put the school on lock-down meaning I was trapped with the killer insects. After a while, we were told the only way to keep the insects away from us was to keep 7 pieces of Salt Water Taffy in our mouths at all times. The principal at my daughters school has had great success following WW and attends meetings that I work regularly. She refused to eat the taffy as each 7 pieces was 4 points! I had no problem keeping 7 pieces going strong in my mouth. I remember watching the insects multiple, attack and then a cry saved me. My soon-to-be 1 yr. old was cold and needed a little cuddle. Lucky for me, cause I was about to consume an entire 4 lb. bag of Salt Water Taffy!!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. Last week was very eventful as I was offered two part-time Music Therapy positions.


Oh Sew Good said...

Some people will do anything to justify their SWT even if it is via an unusual dream. :) How's that for an interpretation?

Kathy said...

I really understand! I had a dream that MWR had its first cup win Monday! It was a sweet dream too!

D said...

Oh that's hilarious!! I always dream and sometimes it's about food. Strange. I guess it allows us to eat w/o consuming calories! :) D