Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do You Have All the Right Tools?

This morning, I went for a hot walk with the boyz to watch "Lightning McQueen" once again race around the Milwaukee Mile. As we were walking home, I took note of my neighbor digging out some roots from bushes in front of their house. We went about our chores and headed to Sam's Club and when we returned home, noticed that our neighbor hadn't made much progress in his quest to "root out the problem." What was he using? He had a regular garden shovel and a new hacksaw that he was finally getting assembled and ready to use. After I had put all our purchases away, I headed to our basement and grabbed a few things. We've dug up many a bush around our house and if all I was using was a shovel and a hacksaw, I think I would have given up LONG ago. I brought with me a reciprocating saw run on a rechargeable battery, a huge sledge hammer, a pick ax, a shovel with a good point and a bottle of "Stump Out" for when he was finished. I showed him how to use the saw, hit the roots with the hammer a few times, since I noticed he was a bit tired and let him finish the job.

I went back in the house to feed the boyz and when they were done eating, we headed to the back yard where I ate my lunch. It could not have been more than 20 minutes and as I sat shoving salmon topped salad into my pie-hole, my neighbor came into the backyard carrying all the tools plus a cold beer. He said thanks and we exchanged a few words, but never asked about his "project." I thought for sure, he had given up.

After I was done with my lunch, I returned all the tools to their rightful place and checked for the mail. His entire stump was out! 20 minutes with the right tools did the job while he was tinkering with the problem for well over 3 hours without a plan or the right tools.

Sometimes I feel like I am still lacking a few of the "right tools" to get to the root of the problem when it comes to weight loss, but there has always been someone to lean on and help me though. What are those tools that are so necessary while losing weight?


Oh Sew Good said...

Some wire and clamps to seal our jaws shut? :)

Kathy said...

Even with all the tools, that stump would have still been there if he wasn't willing to use them. That has always been my biggest problem.

kborn said...

Sounds like the way Dad does projects! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh TB... Again you offer wonderful words to ponder. Thanks for the insight!

:) Peachy