Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ode To Adam, My Idol

Danny was my pick,
Adam really makes me sick,
But, alas, Danny is gone
And Adam has won! (Not to mention my good friend Kathy, who is loving every minute of this)

I love Adam's voice,
It makes my soul rejoice,
Every I hear him sing,
I'm left wanting,

For more of his screams,
And more of his yells,
He reaches for the highest beams,
and rings out the loudest bells.

Oh yes, Adam I'm a fan,
You really are the man.
Idol I will miss,
But next week, I'll vote for Kris ;)

It's a sad day in Milwaukee :(((


Kathy said...

I don't think I've ever seen such a heartfelt tribute to a singer, TB! lol
I guess I won...technically...since Adam outlasted Danny, but I'm not sure we won't see another surprise next week! Kris seems to have the tweenie vote wrapped up and I'm sure a lot of Gokey fans will vote for him as well.

Thanks for being such a good sport and I do feel sorry that Milwaukee has lost out to Conway and San Diego.

Anonymous said...

i think all the DAnny fans will vote for Kris, too!! Go Kris!!

MizFit said...

how sad is it that I had no idea INITIALLY who Adam was :)

but I do now and you know I adore the rhyme.

Ron said...

Like we say for the Chicago Cubs....
There is always next year!!!!

American voted... they just got it wrong!

Oh Sew Good said...

I'm still not convinced. I think this was decided long before they opened the phone lines for voting. If you listen back to the judges comments and I mean really listen, watch their eyes and I think they already have the winner picked out. I may have to eat crow if Kris wins but let's just say I won't be surprised if he doesn't.

Melissa said...

wow that was a good ode! i'm voting for kris next week!!!! and it was a sad day, the people on the news said they were even bummed. and the thunderstorms were going on when we were watching it the other night and i swear no lie...the loudest thunder i heard all night was at the time danny got booted off. haha :D