Friday, May 15, 2009


One of my all time favorite descriptions is a little gross, but definitely paints a picture. A local radio talk show host often describes lies as being a "piping, steaming, pant-load!" Now if that doesn't say it all, I'm not sure what does.

Last week, at one of the WW meetings I was working, a newbie described her difficulties in passing on mac & cheese. I don't even like mac & cheese and really never have, maybe it's the Wisconsin in me, and I know it's not really "real" cheese. However, the way in which she described the mac & cheese: A steaming, hot, gooey, cheesy bowl of deliciousness," all of a sudden made my want some. It's Friday and this incident happened last Saturday and I'm still craving a steaming, hot, gooey, cheesy bowl of deliciousness.

Adjectives can make such a difference in what I and my family eats. I try to make positive and appealing descriptions of the veggies and always provide a good role model by eating them myself. Usually, my veggies take up the biggest portion of my plate. Lately, I've started to make more veggies since my kids have been eating more of them. Seems that most of the time the veggies are the only thing gone from their plates.

Last week, there was a great show about Michael J. Fox and being an optimist. I didn't catch the whole show, but I definitely know that being an optimist can only be helpful when trying to lose weight. His description of being an "incurable" optimist only makes the statement that much stronger.

Have a great weekend full of adjectivity and optimism!


Tony said...

its funny how our brains work sometimes.

Melissa said...

i never used to eat mac and cheese but now i kinda like it lol.

Kathy said...

Adjectivity!!! You are so funny!
That's why they have all those food commercials on around meal time. You start hankering for food that you would never think about without a lot of "adjectivity"!

Ron said...

hmmm I used to eat that Kraft Mac and cheese back in the 70's and early 80's.. can't say that I miss it!!! lol