Sunday, August 30, 2009

Realizing a Goal

It has been a fast, busy week here. My wife went back to school a week ago, and I was home with all four kids all week. We went to the zoo, Children's Museum, Art Museum and finally started school on Thursday. Who would have thought 24 pack of crayons cost $.25 while 16 pack of crayons are $1.80!!!??? We bought the 24 pack even though the teacher had 16 packs on their supply list.

Yesterday, during our WW meetings, the leader discussed goals. As a WW member who is losing weight, it's easy to set goals and the success of reaching a goal is so satisfying. As a lifetime member trying to maintain a weight loss, the "goal" has already been reached and new challenges/goals need to be set. Our leader told the story of her "new" goal. Sixteen years ago, she was blessed with two grandchildren. At that time, she told her husband that her goal was to be in the same size clothes as she was when they were born, when they were old enough to drive a car. This week, she was at her daughters house and volunteered to run to the store for something. Her grandson ran out to the car behind her and asked to come to. Knowing something was up, she asked why and he explained that he had just got his temporary license and would like to practice.

She was speechless...before the two of them left for the store, she told him of her goal. "You know, I am in the same size clothes now as I was when you were born!" How do you think a 16-year old boy would respond to this statement. It was the same reaction she got from her husband...silence!!!

She received plenty of praise at the meetings this weekend and just hope that I am able to say to my kids when they get their license that I am in the same size clothes. For now, I'd be happy to stay in the same size clothes till Christmas!!


Kate said...

Hey there TB, long time no talk!

Been enjoying watching the Brewers this summer? I've been watching all the tigers I can get, and needless to say, we're doing great....but only hanging onto 1st by a thread!

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