Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Season

School has started and fall is definitely in the air. I am so glad that the kids are back in school, not because I don't like spending time with them, but because it is difficult to live a healthy lifestyle with them.

"I'm hungry!!"

"I'm thirsting!!"

"When are we going to eat???"

"What's for lunch???"

"What's there to eat???"

"Can I have a snack???"

My favorite is: "I'm hungry for gum!!!"

It's hard enough to have the willpower to not snack/eat unhealthy foods when I'm concerned only about myself, but when I hear these demands all day, it makes it even more difficult. So glad that it's me and Benjamin now!! He's running the house, but still can't talk enough to ask what's for lunch ;)

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