Tuesday, October 6, 2009

30 Seconds

One of my favorite quotes from Tony Horton is, "you can do anything for 30 seconds!"

He is absolutely right. No matter how difficult something seems, it is so worth trying to do it for 30 seconds. I hate "high knee kicks", but I can do them for 30 seconds. I thought I could never do a "hot foot" for 30 seconds, but I can. It seems 30 seconds can be an eternity at times, but there is a finish. And usually it feels so gratifying at the end.

30 seconds is usually all it takes to down 5 cookies! I haven't done it lately, but I know it can be done. 30 seconds was all it took me to pack two leftover Packer cupcakes in my daughter's lunches instead of feasting on the sorrow of a loss myself. 30 seconds is all it took for Benjamin to empty the entire pot & pan drawer in the kitchen while still having enough time to grab his milk cup and take a sip.

30 seconds is not a long time, but it sure can make a difference when we make the better choice of what to do with our 30 seconds.


Oh Sew Good said...

Although I don't have my timer by my computer, it probably only takes 30 seconds to write a comment. Would you agree?

Yum Yucky said...

Hey! I never thought of it like that. :D