Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Tell Me...

that I just ate meat that came out of a tube!! --TB's Wife

Last week, I made lasagna for the gang. I usually do this on days that I know I'll be working so I won't be feasting on it. This time I made it differently. I used a tube of frozen ground turkey that had been in the freezer for sometime now. I always try to use half regular, and half whole wheat noodles, but have never used turkey. It did taste quite different, but I enjoyed the piece that was left over the next day.

I have no problem eating most anything and don't need to worry about where it came from either. Why is frozen meat from a tube any different than regular fresh ground meat?

I shall keep my mouth shut next time, at least I had the courtesy not to tell her until after she ate it, right?


kborn said...

LMAO. I used tube meat all the time. And yes, ground turkey lasagna is a different world. need to spice it up a little different to keep it yummy and delic. :)
Turkey/white bean chili (yes, turkey from a tube) is also super yummy!

Kathy said...

Agree with your wife on this one. I won't eat ground meat from those plastic tubes or the sealed up packages with gases pumped into them.

Anonymous said...

Why not just make veggie lasagna and leave the meat out altogether??


Ron said...

LOL why not buy and raise a few turkey's in the back yard !!!