Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!!

It's been a chilly week in Wisconsin. I've felt the need to stay in bed a bit longer in the morning. Broke down and turned on the heat earlier in the week, but I don't think it has kicked in quite yet and that may be because at night, we have it set on 58 and it hasn't gotten cold enough to get the temp down that low.

This week is a "rest" week in my P90X cycle. It has been a welcome and needed rest. A few days of yoga, a few days of stretching along with a core workout has made for a good exercise week with my muscles able to recuperate from some tough strength training workouts in the previous 3 weeks.

This weekend we will be walking once again in the Memory Walk. We love the walk as it is a great family activity and we have done it since my oldest was actually not even part of the family yet, so it's been a good long tradition.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the fall weather.


Yum Yucky said...

Ya know, I love this weather but waking up to it in the morning makes me not want to move from under the covers! As for my abs, I guilty of NOT training them in a long while. But I brought my medicine ball to work and I'm taking it out at lunch for some an ab-o-rama!

POD said...

TB, thanks for stopping by and making your comments about the LIVESTRONG day. We're going to do this again next year so you can post a cancer related post then. This will give you a whole year!
Thanks again for your comment and contribution.

Oh Sew Good said...

Have a great weekend. I'm finding 70 cold. YIKES!