Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Neighbor

Dear Friendly, Grandma who lives across the street~
I love it when you come outside to compliment me on my interactions with my children. I appreciate the friendly waves and glances you send my way when we are coming and going. You make our neighborhood a safe, inviting place to live.

Our lovely neighbor across the street has watched our family grow since day 1. She has made homemade blankets for the babies and has always kept an eye out for us. For some reason, she remembers the kids birthdays and usually greets me with friendly gestures whenever I'm outside. She has often brought over treats for the kids at holiday times including Easter, Christmas and of course, HALLOWEEN!!

Usually it is a small token, which is much appreciated. This time, it was a LARGE big of peanut M&M's. Unfortunately, my kids are not huge nut fans and really not big on chocolate. These M&M's have haunted me (pun intended), since Halloween. They have sat on the counter by the coffee maker starting me in the face and tempting me saying, "EAT ME, EAT ME! I'm only 90 calories a pack!" Darn marketing!

I managed to stay away from them on Monday, I put them in a cabinet out of sight on Tuesday after eating two packs or a few more. Yesterday, I really wasn't feeling well and today as well. Seems the only thing that tastes good to me are these stupid M&M's.

I know the tricks and should be doing them, but I really am struggling with these silly little demons. Just wait friendly neighbor. I'll be bringing the Thanksgiving pies over to your house! ;)


Anonymous said...

You should just be thankful that you have such nice neighbors...ours on 72nd Street weren't anything like that. By the way.....FIL likes peanut M&M's.....!!! Remember what you did with the taffy? :) :) Our Halloween candy is disappearing quickly...and it isn't me who's eating it. Hailey has one piece a day. That's her dessert IF she cleans her plate at supper! Wonder where it's going???


noelle said...

Peanut M&M's are my downfall too! Can you put them in the freezer? Or take them to church. Just get them out of your house I say!

Tony the Pink Panda said...

Peanut M&Ms are my downfall too. Free food is pretty awesome though.

Ron said...

Omg, peanut M and M's are ny biggest problem.. I can't have them in the house!!!

TB--Milwaukee said...

MIL~Thankful for good neighbors. We have many of them.

Noelle~Don't worry they're gone. Probably not the way I should have gotten rid of them though.

Tony~Free food always gets me. Doesn't even have to be good, just free.

Ron~There are a few other things that shouldn't be in my house either, but I'm alright with them as long as I don't start...cookies, candy bars, chocolate chips, ice cream, etc. If I have one bite, I'm in for it.

Oh Sew Good said...

I won't even mention them now but must say your neighbor sounds like a real sweetheart. Maybe you could all learn to make a no-sew blanket for her to keep her warm. They are very easy to make. Just an idea. Oh and maybe you could find an M&M Fleece for her. :)

MizFit said...

oooh see? I knew there was some kinda benefit to my not knowing the neighbors!


TB--Milwaukee said...

Oh Sew Good~That's a great idea. She's a sweetheart.

MizFit~We do have some nice neighbors and I am grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

you know where my coat pockets are!! :)