Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Best Day of My Life

It was 9 years ago today that I was at my heaviest weight. I was nervous, self conscious, and full of so many emotions that I couldn't hide it though I tried to be strong. My friends were surrounding me. Roommates from college, family, colleagues were all gathered to help me celebrate. It should have been the best day of my life. I had everything to live for and yet I was not living just existing.

Today, I am alone with my baby realizing how lucky I am. I have a wonderful family, wonderful wife, kids that love me unconditionally and friends that continue to support me. Today, is the best day of my life. I have realized that I was not living and decided to do something about it. It was 9 years ago today that I married my best friend. It was 9 years ago today that I woke up for the last time to an empty duplex wondering what the future held.

I remember that day. Woke up, went to the donut shop and inhaled a few raspberry filled before buying a paper so I would have something to do with my time. Had my groomsmen come over and we played cards and watched a football game while they tried to take my mind off the big day. We made a McDonald's run and of course I ordered 2 Big Macs since they were 2 for $3. I inhaled those too like I had never seen food before thinking that I probably wouldn't feel like eating our dinner.

Who was I kidding? I felt like eating!!

Today, is the best day of my life. I have stopped existing and started living and boy, do I have a lot to live for!

Happy Anniversary to the reason I am living!


Kathy said...

You look like a different man...and you sound like one too.

Anonymous said...

I remember that day, and one thing certainly hasn't changed... Your love for each other! Congratulations TB!! Thank you for sharing such a special part of your life with all of us. You are an inspiration to many!

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary are a great addition to our family. We wish you and Claire many years of happiness!!! You have a beautiful family and much to be thankful for.


Yum Yucky said...

Love it! Have a wonderful celebration today!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Kathy~Not so different, I've lost weight, lost hair, and gained kids and debt!

Peachy~Fond memories. The platter has made its way back into the kitchen and was used several times this summer. Probably done till spring now though.

MIL/FIL~Thankful yes indeed.

Yum Yucky~We celebrated...took the whole clan to Applebees. Kids eat for 99 cents on Wednesdays ;)

Jen said...

Awwww, so sweet, Tom. I am so proud of you for how you've taken control of your life and CHOSEN happiness.

D said...

TB, I love hearing this from a guy's perspective. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful tribute to your wife & to your diligence at working towards your goals!! I'm happy for you! D