Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I went shopping yesterday and when I checked out, I was given my receipt along with a checkout coupon. We receive lots of these coupons for baby items, but never have I received one for FREE OREOS!! How can I pass that coupon up? I may just take the coupon to the store next time I pick up milk and drop it on to of the Oreos for someone else to use. Seems like a lot of folks around here do that, since I have often found coupons on certain things I use. I could just use the coupon and drop the Oreos in the "Feed the Hungry" bin that has appeared for the Holiday season. I could also use the coupon and bring them home. What a dilemma! What will probably happen is that I will forget the coupon until its expired and then just toss it.

When I got to work yesterday, one of my BFF's had left some JavaFit for me to try. I couldn't wait to wake up this morning to try some. Unfortunately, I was not planning on waking up at 3:50, but that's the time the little guy decided was a good time to start the day. We played for a while, watched the news and joined in on "Twitter Tuesday" with the news anchors, and then went to make the coffee. I didn't get around to drinking it till a little later since I had lunches to make and a class snack to get ready. Once I tried it, I loved it! It's not too strong, not too weak, just right! It's the "Diet JavaFit" with the appetite suppressant so we'll see how it works today and I'll be sure to report back.

Now, it's off to ride the elliptical since it's a VERY early nap time. I'll keep thinking about the Oreos dilemma, any ideas??

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