Monday, November 23, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Back when I was a kid, the students were never involved in Parent/Teacher Conferences. I'm not sure when that changed, but the kids are off the rest of this week as there are Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences starting this evening and all day tomorrow. Then it's off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the holiday.

Conferences are a great time to touch base with the teacher since we often don't communicate with them other than the "hellos" in the morning and "good-byes" at night. I'm looking forward to the contact as each of our children are SO different. What will the teachers have to say?

What would the equivalent of PST conferences be in the land of Weight Loss? I know WW has weekly weigh-ins and really if you have questions, you can quickly get an answer, but what about a "real" conference? After attending 16 weeks? What would the leader say to you? I see you've not been tracking (homework). You're losing too slow (more effort). You're losing too fast (teacher's pet!). How would you get an "A", or an "F"?

I'd love if someone would sit me down and really chat about the struggles, successes, etc. After a while, a good conference is necessary to keep going on the right track. I know my kids conferences will be quick, easy and painless for me, but for them...MY TEACHERS TALKING TO MY PARENTS!! That is plenty to scare anyone to be good for awhile.

Have a great week, may be limited this week due to everyone being home.


Oh Sew Good said...
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Oh Sew Good said...

Catching up: To answer your question about dairy, I use yogurt (Activia with Fiber), Veggie cheese, Goat Milk cheese, soy milk (it even comes in chocolate)

We have teacher/parent/student conferences every day. (We home school.)

Oh Sew Good said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!