Thursday, December 31, 2009

My End of the Year Lists

Just a few silly lists to join in the end of the year fun. We've had a great year here, and hope to have an even better year in 2010!

I'm refocused and definitely ready to get back to my weight goal. Enough of being satisified with a few pounds over my goal.

Five Best TB Events of the Year

5. Trying the P90X program~ I was in an exercise funk for most of the year just going through the motions of riding the elliptical and never really putting 100% behind the effort. When I purchased the P90X program, it allowed me to try something I never would have thought I could do. I completed one cycle and hopefully will try again in 2010. The big thing stopping me is the time. I like 30 minute workouts and all of these are at least 1 hour.

4. Joining the Milwaukee Dads Group~ I've met some neat Dads joining this group and my boys have been able to interact with other kids their same ages. We've gone to the museum, zoo, parks, Fire Stations, restaurants and countless other places with this great group.

3. Staying Home Fulltime~ It can be hard to be home all day and keep from eating all day. I do so much better when we stay busy and away from the house for at least part of the day. Our chores around the house such as dishes, laundry and light cleaning can be done during the day instead of always waiting for the weekend.

2. Working PT at a Nursing Home~ This was an awesome opportunity that happened when I least expected it to. I was minding my own business when along came a phone call from my old supervisor checking to see if I'd be interested in a few hours a week. That's exactly what it is, only a few hours a week, but it keeps my involved with Music Therapy and in touch with the Geriatric population, which I love working with.

1. Going to Disney World~ This was definitely the highlight of our family's year. We loved the ride, the adventure and the way the family got along for the whole week was remarkable. Needless to say, we'll be visiting Mickey and his friends again in a few years.

Five Least Healthy Habits

5. Wii~ Our family just got a Wii system for Christmas. Although some of the games can involve lots of physical activity, most can be done plopped on the couch. If I play too much, I could definitely see myself eating with one hand and wacking a tennis ball with the other.

4. Twitter~ Some people are able to balance Twitter with their lives, but for others, it consumes too much time that could be used doing more productive activities. I've guilty of checking Twitter often, but usually just to be nosey when it comes to celebs and sports figures. I'm lucky if I update a Tweet once every few days.

3. Energy Drinks~ What ever happened to getting enough sleep? Seems to me that people could use these instead of sleeping 8 hours a night, WAY too easily.

2. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)~ The number of PDA's that are available are countless. I purchased a Ipod Touch this year and have loved being able to have access to so many podcasts and so much music at the touch of a finger, but the reality of the countless applications that even I have on mine are laughable. I can toss paper into a garbage can, flick a lighter to join in at a concert, use it as a flashlight, play launch the sheep or launch Santa, check all the social media sites and so much more. It can be an asset when exercising to have the music/podcasts playing, but when there are so many other options available, it becomes somewhat less effective.

1. Facebook~ What an awesome way to connect with many friends and family quickly! It has so many gadgets and applications that can be a total time sucker. Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Typing Maniac, Bejeweled, and so many more! Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook, but I can be sucked into playing mindless games for hours and forgetting my healthy habits.


Melissa (The Daily Mel) said...

I also have a Wii and made a rule for myself that if I'm playing it, then I have to be standing. The only game I have that I allow as an exception to this rule is Mario Kart and that's only because it's a bit difficult to play standing since it's a driving game. ;) I find that by forcing myself to stand when I'm playing that 1) I'm burning more calories because I'm not sitting, and 2) it keeps me from playing hours on end which I could easily do if I were sitting. LOL

Miz said...

love the lists and have to totally concur with the wii

so far anyway.

husband had!to!have! and we have used it once in 3 months...

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

spunkysuzi said...

That's funny because i was just thinking yesterday that i need to cut down on my computer time! And twitter i just can't do.
You had a great 2009 and i know you'll have an even better 2010 :)