Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Bad Day Can Ruin a Week

Happy New Year's!!

I had a wonderful New Year's Week. Should have stopped celebrating at Christmas cause a lot of bad habits crept back into my routine this week. We had company over for New Year's Eve. My MIL and FIL brought fillet to grill, which was great, but they also brought more cookies. My 5 yr. old called Grandma to ask if she'd bring more. My kids know enough to stop after 1 cookie, they also know to ask before eating another one, and my 5 yr. old always asks how many she can have so as to pick only her favorites. Wish I could stop at 1, have the smarts to ask someone for another, and choose only my favorites. Our other company, who was only one petite little thing, brought two trays of taco dip, chips, salsa and two tubs of French Onion dip, along with a huge Happy New Year cookie. I justified eating more than one piece thinking that it only counted as ONE cookie.

Not a good weigh in this week. I stayed for the last meeting, but for some reason (um, is it a New Year) there was a crowd of people that came and the leader asked me to weigh as she was ready to start the meeting. I weighed more people in during that 15 minute period! My favorite response from a weigh in came from a long time member who had a bit of a struggle period last year. Her goal was to get below 200 by 2010 and she did it!!

I know what I did this week and will strive to do better. Seems that New Year's and New Year's Eve was just another excuse for me not to track. I know I can do better! My goal for the week is to track honestly even if it's not the best.

Have a great weekend!


deb roby said...

Are you also willing to admit that your entire family sabotaged you this week?

Your child by asking for more cookies to be brought. Your inlaws by listening and agreeing to do so. Your family friend for bringing the onion dip and cookies.

NOBODY needs these things. It's just you. The kids don't; your wife doesn't.

It's sabotage.

Ron said...

Holiday season is over now,,, don't know about you, but now what can I use as my excuse ? Have a great week!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I hate how one bad day can ruin a whole week of good work. It's totally not fair at all!! But it's okay. You can recover and get back on track and erase that bad day soon enough!

Anonymous said...
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Miz said...

Im soooooooooo ready for this week and routine.
and not ONLY because my inlaws are gone :)

Lance said...

Visiting my parents over the New Year's weekend, I too suffered from too many cookies and cake...and then my mother sent extra's home with us! Yikes! Just what we didn't need! Anyway, it is mostly gone now, so back on track...

And...I say this is just a blip on the radar to good health.

Here's to a great week ahead.

Happy New Year!!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Deb~I know how to stay away from food, but when it comes to me, it's difficult. Sabotage? Maybe!

Ron~So glad all the goodies are gone.

Mizfit~This week has been a welcomed routine!

Lance~Only treats left in the house are pre-cut reindeer cookies. I've had a few without even cooking them. I need to bake them and get them out of here.

Anonymous said...
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